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Can neighbor plants over property line?

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no, a neighbor can't plant over a property line, if he or she goes over the line it isn't there property to plant on.

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Can planting be placed right next to a neighbors fence?

If the plants are on your property they may be planted along your neighbors fence. However, climbing plants that will grow over the fence cannot be planted along your neighbors fence. Caveat: Make sure your neighbor has not installed the fence "inside" their property line so it lies a short distance FROM the property line. That is the practice in some areas and is required by the city ordinances in some areas. In that case, the land along the fence would belong to your neighbor. You need to determine where the property line is located and not assume the fence is on the property line.

Your neighbor has overgrown tree and bushes over property line?

You can clip and trim the trees and bushes on your side of the property line. You cannot go in your neighbors yard. Make sure you know where the property line is by locating pins or having it surveyed.

Neighbor is putting up a chain link fence 2 foot over in your driveway Its his property line but hasn't maintained the driveway can he do that?

If its on his property line and there is no easement then the only thing you can do about it is flip him the bird when he drives by.

What if a tree hangs over your property line?

In most states, you have the right to cut any limbs or branches that hang over the property line. However, it is always best to work with your neighbor about the tree whenever possible (since you have to live next to that person). If your neighbor objects to you cutting limbs that hang over the line, be sure to see a real estate attorney before cutting to avoid violating your state's timber trespass laws.

Can a neighbor use the easement property that's over your boundary for personal plants?

The property still belongs to you. The easement means that you shouldn't be planting or putting anything permanent in there, as the city/town/community could come along and do what they wanted with it.

A fence that was on the neighbors property line for over 40 years fell down and you replaced it now the neighbor is challenging us what can you do?

It sounds like you have a strong adverse possession/mutual acquiescence claim to the fence as the property line. You need to contact a real estate attorney immediately to preserve your right to keep the fence line as the property line. Also see the Related Questions below.

Can you plant trees right on the property line?

With your neighbor's consent would be nice, otherwise you're trespassing and the neighbor could take action that could kill the trees. It's always best to put plantings in so that even when they grow they don't "encroach" over property lines, unless the neighbor agrees.

Can you trim hedges from neighbor's property that extend over property line and interfere with your property?

At common law and in most jurisdictions you have the right to trim any branches that overhang your property. However, it must be done in such a way as to prevent any damage to the trees or shrubs. You should discuss it with your neighbor first.

Who owns a fence encroaching 4 ft over the property line?

This is such a serious situation that you should consult with an attorney ASAP to determine what the law is in your jurisdiction. The attorney will also need to make certain your property line is clearly defined in your deeds and that the fence was constructed on your property. You may have several options:You may need to provide the neighbor with the opportunity to remove the fence.You may demand the neighbor remove the fence. A notice should be sent by your attorney.If you want to treat it as your property then clear it with your attorney.

How many feet should your attached garage be away from your neighbors home?

As long as it is within your property line, your neighbor can't do anything about it. If you want to build it over the line, you would have to check with your neighbor and possibly an attorney. I'd check with an attorney to see if there are any laws or somthing that might cause problems where you live.

Neighbor parks car over property line of common driveway restricting access to your garage Can you prevent this parking while still allowing them access to your common driveway?

draw a line on the driveway that equally separates the two sides

What to do when neighbor just does not care about time it takes to clean up after his tree?

In his property it is his business. In your property it is your business, If the trees hang over your property you can cut them back to the boundary .

What can i do if my neighbers trees is hanging over my fence what can you do?

You can legally cut off whatever hangs over your property. Better to talk to you neighbor first.

If your neighbor has a parking easement over your property do they have the right to use the specified easement area for any other purpose?


Tree branch fell over neighbor's property Texas law?

It does not matter what state your in. No one is liable for an act of nature. Your neighbor is responsible for the portion on their property and you are responsible for the portion on your own property.

Can my neighbor have any recourse if a tree is cut down that is mostly on your property but the outer edge is on the property line it is in the way of a wall that will be built on the property line?

If the tree was damaged and could have fallen onto a public road, you could have the town cut it down. Also your homeowners policy holder should be able to answer this because if it falls onto your property the tree's owner will have to pay for clean up and or damage. I also know that you are free to cut any branch that hangs over onto your property

Who pays in Philadelphia My neighbor's trees need to be cut down they hang over my property?

If the tree belongs to your neighbor, it is their responsibility to maintain it. Try talking to your neighbor about the situation and see if you can resolve it together.

What is property encroachment?

An encroachment happens when your neighbors fence, driveway or any structure lies over the common property line and is partly on your property.

Can your neighbor attach a gutter and roof to your fence?

No. In fact no part of your neighbors roof or anything attached to that roof can even protrude over your fence. Most places have laws specifically stating how far away from your property line they have to keep their buildings.

Land owner next to you intentionally put a fence up 12 inches over your property line before you bought your land and will not pay to move it to the property line or go half on it. What to do?

It is a trespass and if it is not removed upon your request, you can have a court order it to be removed. If you ignore this long enough, the neighbor may eventually be able to claim the property line has moved to the fence, and you will lose valuable land rights. On the other hand, you can also provide the neighbor with a "limited license" to use that strip of your property, and propose that he pay some nominal rent until such time as the fence is removed or other mutual agreement is made. That way the fence is no longer evidence of "hostile exclusion" which would be necessary for adverse possession.

Is it legal for a neighbor to feed your cats especially after you tell her not to?

If the cats are yours and they are well feed by you then the lady has no right to feed them and if something should happen to one of them like if one of them got sick after being fed by her you could take her to court possibly. IMPROVEMENT:: If your neighbor comes on to your property and feeds your cats or throws food on to your property to feed your cats then it is illegal...HOWEVER If your neighbor just puts out food on her own property and your cats venture over on her property to eat it then it is not illegal and there is noting you can do except keep your animals confined to your own property..

What are the laws related to property lines when your neighbor maintains a part of your lot?

You need to be careful that your neighbor doesn't acquire any rights in your property. You should inform the neighbor that he/she is using part of your land and then make the decision to allow the use or not. As long as you acknowledge it and allow it they cannot claim the land by adverse possession and you can ask them to stop using it at any time. You might also record a notice in the land records to prevent any claim of easement or adverse possession over your property by that neighbor. You should seek the advice of an attorney who is familiar with property law in your jurisdiction. You can read more about it in the link below.

Can i trim my fence line?

Depends if the fence line IS the property division line, in which case both homeowners have to agree about the trimming. If whatever needs trimming is solely on your property you are allowed to do whatever it is you need to do, providing any homeowner association (if they exist) has rules for this.

What recourse do you have if your neighbor cuts down a healthy tree on your property?

If you want to handle it yourself you should take photos of the tree stump and in the photos try to mark your property line so the photos show the tree was growing on your property. You should get a written estimate from a local nursery for replacing the tree. You should send your neighbor a letter, including a photo and the estimate, asking to be reimbursed for the tree. Your letter should should be polite and to the point since you may need to use it in small claims court if your neighbor doesn't respond. You could start by stating they may not have realized the tree was on your property. State that you expect an answer within thirty days.You should send the letter by certified mail, keep the green card to prove it was received and keep a copy in a safe place along with the estimate and a copy of the photo you sent. If your neighbor doesn't respond then you can contact an attorney or bring a suit in your local small claims court.Keep in mind that a neighbor can trim a healthy tree that is hanging over the property line as long as they don't damage the tree. However, they cannot cut the portions of the tree that are located on your property. Your neighbor may have cut down the tree in error because it was a nuisance.

Can your neighbor fix his gate to your house without permission?

His gate-yes. Just as you can trim tree branches extending over your property without permission even if the tree is planted on someone else's property.