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Cordless phones use radio waves to communicate between the base and the handset. If you neighbor's phone happens to use the same frequency/channel at the same time there could be a connection between both conversations. It happened more often with older models, but shouldn't happen with models made in recent years. People with radio scanners may be able to monitor the frequencies that some cordless phones use, but that too is less likely to happen with newer cordless systems.

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Is it possible to hear other conversations using another cell phone?

yes..........if your enstein............maybe

Can this phone be used near a microwave without having a dropped call?

Yes, you can use your cordless phone by the microwave. It won't drop the call but you might hear static.

Why does cordless phone echo?

Because the delay on the signal may make you hear it a split second after you speak it, as the person you are talking to would.

Can anyone monitor your home phone?

Legally - not without a court order. Illegally - if you have an analogue cordless phone, anyone with a radio scanner can hear BOTH sides of the conversation if they know which frequency to monitor.

How do you answer call waiting?

Normally, when a call is waiting, you hear a tone. Then, press the 'flash' button. If the phone does not have a 'flash' button, tap the 'hangup' button quickly (not on a cordless phone). Do the same to return to your original call.

Are cell conversations secure?

Yes they are. Under normal circumstances, nobody can hear your conversations, but if need be, for criminal causes, the conversations can be shared.

Will a caller hear your cordless phone ring if your electricity is off?

They would still get a ring-tone - it's generated at the exchange. Losing power to the property would give the same impression as simply unplugging the phone.

In the story The Tell-Tale Heart what does the narrator think the neighbors will hear?

The narrator fears the neighbors will hear the beating of the old man's heart.

Can you record a conversation with a cop without them knowing and use it in your defense?

First, you cannot record conversations over the phone, most states deem it a felony. However, if they are out in public or just 'outside" yes, you can as anyone could hear the conversation, therefore there is no expectation of privacy.Another View: Use caution in following the advice of the first answer. Many states apply the same criteria to face-to-face recorded conversations as they do to phone conversations. It will depend on your state laws and, in the case of interstate phone conversations, what the state law of the out-of-state party may be.

I didn't hear the phone ring?

In question form: Did I hear the phone ring?? ( as to question yourself) / Did you hear the phone ring? In statement form: I didn't hear the phone ring.

What is the complete subject in the sentence Their next-door neighbors hear the music?


What is the difference between an email and a telephone?

you use a keyboard instead of your mouth And, for emails, one types responses to the recipient. For phone conversations, the receiving parties can hear each other.

How could I use the Uniden expandable cordless phone system as a baby monitor?

There is a special room/baby monitor setting included with the Uniden expandable cordless telephone system that allows you to hear audio from another location, so you can position one of the handsets in the baby's room and monitor the sounds remotely.

Can principals listen in on teachers private conversations?

Principals should not listen to teachers' conversations without the teachers' knowledge. Likewise, teachers should not have conversations in school that they would not want other school employees, including the principal, to hear.

Why cant we hear the sun but we can see it?

Because the sun is so freakin far away..Can you hear your neighbors in their house? No but you can see them.

What are the advantages of haveing a pc phone recorder?

You can record important messages and just in case you forget something in that message you can go back and hear it again at a later date. You are able to record conversations that take place on a VOIP phone directly to the PC. These are recorded in MP3 or WAV file formatl.

How far away can I set cordless speakers from my stereo and have them still work properly?

Some cordless speakers transmitters are better than others, just bring them out far enough until you could hear hissing and then cut that back a bit.

Would you hear the impact of a car accident if you are on the phone with the person involved?

Yes you can hear it. I was on a phone with someone that got hit in a hit and run from the rear and could hear a boom sound.===========================You would hear it UNLESS the cell-phone was the point of first impact,which is very unlikely.

How do you hear a phone ring?

With your ears.

Who is the author of Do You Hear A Phone?


In English which one is correct 'i didn't hear the phone rang' or 'i didn't hear the phone ring'?

If you count the uncapitalized "i", neither is correct, but the word "ring" is the correct one to use. It should be: "I didn't hear the telephone ring."

Can other people with a blue tooth headset hear me sometimes like with cordless phones?

Yes they can link up to any open device.

What device is used to transmit and receive radio waves?

A radio transmitter is used to transmit radio waves. A radio receiver is used to receive radio waves. You probably have many radio receivers around you. Your car has a receiver and you probably have at least one receiver in your home. If you have a wireless or cordless phone, you have both a receiver and a transmitter built into the same device. The transmitter is so your voice can be transmitted to the cellular network and ultimately to the person you are talking to. The receiver in your wireless or cordless phone allows you to hear the person on the other end of the call.

What is mute on a cell phone?

The mute button on a cell phone simply means that when you press that button, you can hear the person you are talking to but they cannot hear you.

What were the Weasley twins using to hear the Order of the Phoenix?

Fred and George invented extendable ears and used them to spy on conversations.