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The neutralization of a base, or an acid for that matter, is a chemical property, because you are reacting the base with an acid to change the base into a different compound. For example:

NaOH (a strong base) + HNO3 (a strong acid) ---> NaNO3 + H2O

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Can neutralize a base is chemical property or physical property?

When you neutralize, it would be a chemical property.

Is something that can neutralize a base a physical or a chemical property?

It is Chemical Property that can Neutrilize a Base

Can neutralize a base is physical property or chemical property?

This is a chemical property because it can only be observed in a chemical reaction.

Neutralize a base a physical or chemical property?

acid + base ==> salt + water this is neutralization and is a chemical change

Neutralize a base physical or chemical property?

Well if you read Science is Fun you would know the Answer is obviously Chemical

Is reacts with a base to form water a chemical property or a physical property?

it is a chemical property because it changes the chemical structure of the molecules in the base

Is reaction with a base a chemical or physical property?

chemical as it is to do with reactions. physical properties are about its looks and structure etc.

Is slippery feel a chemical property of a base?

No. Texture is a physical property. Slipperiness can be measured or observed without changing its composition.

Odor physical or chemical property?

I consider odor as chemical property because is caused by chemical entities (molecules) which diffuse from a material in the atmosphere. Also the sense of odor has a biochemical base.

What kind of chemical will react with and neutralize an acid?

A base, a basic oxide as CaO and a saline hydride as NaH will neutralize an acid.

Is neutralizeing a base a physical or chemical propoerty?

The act of nuetralizing a base, i surmise, is when you refer to a neutralization reaction that produces water and a salt. Let me ask you this, how could it possibly be a physical property?

Is pH a chemical property?

pH is another measure for concentration: that's physical.But it is the result of a chemical reaction in water: protolysis of acid and base molecules.

What kind of chemical reaction is vinegar and baking soda together?

A neutralization reaction. Because vinegar is acetic acid, and baking soda is a base, and they neutralize each other.

Can nutralize a base physical or chemical?

Neutralization is a chemical change.

What is acid-base property?

Acids can conduct electricity, have a sour taste, and bases will neutralize its properties. Bases can conduct electricity, feel slippery, and acids will neutralize its properties.

How do you neutralize a solution of potassium hydroxide?

Potassium Hydroxide(KOH) is a base (it is "basic"). An acid will neutralize a base. Acetic acid can be used to neutralize KOH. Baking soda is a base, so it will not work to neutralize KOH.

What is the role of a buffer?

Buffers are chemical substances that neutralize small amounts of either an acid or a base added to a solution.

Would it take the same amount of base to neutralize a weak acid as it would a strong acid?

The amount of base depends on the chemical formula of the acid.

What happens when an acid and base are mixed?

that will neutralize each other. If you spill a base pour acid on it and if you spill an acid pour a base on it to neutralize them.

How do you neutralize in chemistry?

An Acid for a Base, a Base for an Acid

Does an Acids neutralize bases?

If you have a base an acid can neutralize it, giving water and a salt

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