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No, when the hair starts growing there will be a line of demarcation. You have to re-color your hair in order for it to maintain the color you want. It stays only on the spot previously colored and will not magically spread onto new growth.

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How do you get colored flowers for Moshi Monsters?

You don't really pick what color your flower is. Every time it grows it will turn a color by itself.

What over the counter hair color works best on white hair?

Pick a hair dye that is specifically made to be used on gray hair, and the covering of gray hair. It will take to hair with no color for longer.

How do you get highlites?

Are you talking about hair highlights? Well if you are... then you go to a salon, pick a color, mix the color, put foil in your hair, applied color with a brush. And DONE!

How do you get coloured seeds on Moshi Monsters?

There all colored ,but you cant pick the color ADD ME-nikkipam

How can you make do without the Poptropica colorizer?

go to early poptropica and the guy with pigments will tell you pick a color any color pick one and that will be your skin color not your hair

You just colored your hair- the color is too dark- medium brown- can you re-color with a lighter colorif so what color should you use?

well although i have never actually colored my hair i do have some experience with picking out colors. You probably could re dye it although i would wait a little just in case because you don't want to damage your hair. I would add in maybe a light red or some light brown or caramel highlights to pick up the dark, dull color brown.

How can i change my hair color permanentely?

you have to go to 24 carrot island and go to the diner. there is going to be a juice bar click on it ten you can pick your hair color and you can mix up the colors to make a diffrent hair color and tat's how you change your hair color

Can you color synthetic hair with loreal color?

its synthetic so it wont pick up the colorloreal works only on real hairyou can only bleach synthetic hair.a marker or paint will work well.

How do they pick up cocaine in your hair is it in the oil of the hair?

No, your hair grows from the roots and anything that has been in your system can be determine by the length of your hair hair. if your hair is longer, at the ends they can tell what was if your system then and at your roots they can tell whats is still in your system.

Does Joe Jonas only date blodes?

No, he doesnt pick who he dates by what color hair they have.

How long after perming your hair do you have to wait to color it?

Usually you have to wait a week, but if your hair is damaged, pick either a perm or hair color. ( the two don't go well together) If you are just putting on a temporay rinse, you can do that right away.

What permanent hair color for gray hair?

Gray is the most resistant to hair colour, red will wash out in less than a month. The best way to pick your color is to hold the sample next to your eye. When the colour of your eye pops, that is your colour

What happens if you pick off your keloid?

If you pick off your keloid it grows back.

How do you do the hair glitch in AQWorlds?

Put bright yellow for your hair color then press save then click hair customize again and pick bright red and your color will mix, you can try it either order you can use red then yellow or yellow then red ;D YWO.o

How do you choose a perfect hair color?

It matters how your hair technique is and your skin color.....if you have a very dark tone you want a light color to your hair with dark highlights so the focus is toward your hair not your skin. If you have a caramel texture you want a darker hair color with a bit of sass. If you are thinking about going all out and you are the type of person who is crazy and dont see much radiance going on with your skin....pick a light red or dark red!

Do members on Moshi Monsters get to pick the color of their plants?

No, you can buy the seeds from the seed stand but the colour of the plant that grows will be completely random. There's no way to control this.

What grows over wound as it heals?


Is box dying hair before professionally dying it a bad idea?

Yes it actually is, you can ask any professional they'll all tell you the same thing Never box dye your hair! ----------------------- Yes, asking a professional stylist is a good idea. I am a licensed and professional hair stylist and boxed hair dye from the grocery/drug store gives inconsistent results, it fades brassy, cannot be mixed with other colors, looks unnatural, is very damaging, and is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to hair color. If you must color your hair at home, please at least go to Sally Beauty and pick up Clairol Premium Color with a bottle of developer. It's the next best thing to having your hair professionally colored at a salon.

Picking out hair dye but dont want blue tint black just plain which dye should you pick?

For neutral black hair color, look for 1N or 2N. The "N" stands for Neutral. Or......look for a color with a Neutral base.

What is the colored piece that attaches to a guitar called?

a pick guard

Are you supposed to separate laundry when you wash?

It is usually best. Colored clothes will lose a little bit of color for a long time and the whites will pick it up. The temperature will vary also.

How do you clean hair from a bathtub?

pick out the hair and thow it away

How do you color hair?

Well first you pick out the color and then go home put on the gloves that should come inside the box take the bottle (If the bottle already is ready) Just shake and start putting it in your hair, and read the box and see how long it says to leave it in. Then wait the amount of time written on the box, then wash out of hair and then wait a few minutes and then put conditioner in your hair if the box includes the conditioner. You can style and put your hair up and do everything you would with your natural hair color.

Where do you get Sceptile in soul silver?

you can. the only way to get one is to go to the silph co. and talk to the guy in grey hair and he will say "pick a color." pick green and he will give you a treecko then level it up and evolve it. if you pick red you'll get a torchic and if you pick blue you'll get a mudkip. Hope that helps:]

How do you get the tricko in Pokemon HeartGold?

First, you have to go to the Kanto reigon. next go to the silph. co. in saffron city. on the first floor, there will be a dude with white hair. he asks you to pick a color. to get treeko, pick green.