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yes the nicotine was produced in uk

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Q: Can nicotine be produced in the UK?
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How is nicotine produced?

Nicotine is a natural chemical found in tobacco and some related plants. For non-tobacco products it is usually refined from tobacco, although it can be produced synthetically.

When was the 1st Christmas card produced in UK?

1843 is when it was produced in the UK

Is nicotine natural?

yes, it is a natural chemical produced by some plants

What are the levels of nicotine by brand?

All cigarette packets in the UK display the nicotine levels on the side of the pack so can check on there.

Are there nicotine free cigarettes?

All tobacco products have nicotine because it it is nattually produced by tobacco plants to keep insects from eating

How much barley is being produced in the UK?

6,769,000 tons of barley was produced in the UK in 2009.

Is nicotine found in nature?

Yes, nicotine is a natural poison produced by a number of plants, the best-known of which is tobacco. The plants use it to repel and kill insect pests.

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What is the chemical or substance that needs to be mixed with liquid nicotine to make it smoke able like for what they use on cigarettes?

Nicotine is produced naturally by the tobacco plant so no chemicals need to be added.

Is nicotine a nutrient a plant pigment an insecticide or a growth agent in plants?

Nicotine is an alkaloid produced by plants, particularly by tobacco plants. It affects the nervous system of animals. It can be used as an insecticide also.

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