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Can not install windows vista boot mgr is missing how can I fix that?


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You can find here all required information

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There are no boot floppies for Windows Vista. To install Windows Vista, computers must support either booting from a DVD or over a network.

install vista first. then install Linux Linux will install a bootloader called grub, which can handle windows vista as well.

Yes. You can dual boot both operating systems at once. Or you can install Windows XP over Windows Vista

You could use Boot Camp to make a dual-boot for Windows XP, Vista or 7 and Mac OS X. You can then install Insanequarium in Windows

Yes. There is a process called Dual Booting, but it requires two hard drives. Just search for "how to dual boot windows vista and windows XP?".

Ideally, Windows XP should be installed first, although it is possible to do it Vista-first.

How do I boot up my Laptop windows vista because it will not start up?

When you boot up just watch the screen and if it says 'Windows Vista' anywhere on it, then your operating system is Vista.

No. Windows Vista is not based on DOS and a DOS boot disk will be unable to read the file system that Vista is on.

Boot Camp allows you to install Windows on your Mac and dual boot. Your Mac will look just like a Windows PC when you boot into the Windows partition. You will also have to install Windows Security on that partition to be safe.

Reboot and press F12 (on my computer, at least) to enter the temporary boot sequence. Boot from the CD and then there you can make changes to the installation and then ultimately install the OS.

The name of the Windows Vista boot loader program is WinLoader.exe and it located in C:Windows\System32P766

Windows Vista/7 Key Boot FilesBOOTMGR - Found in the MBR this file boots up the Windows operating systemBCD (Boot Configuration Data) - is text file that lists the available OS found and tells the BOOTMGR where to find boot partitionWINLOAD.EXE- Loads the Windows InterfaceNTOSKRNL.EXE- Windows Vista/7 Core FilesWIN.COM - Windows Vista/7 command fileHAL.DLL - Hardware Abstraction layer of Windows Vista/7

Yes. You can upgrade to Vista just by inserting the Install DVD into the drive. Be sure to back up any files you want saved before the install procedure as all files will be lost with the new OS.

You can still dual boot. 1) Download a program that makes partitions in your hard drive 2) Partition so there is as much space as you need to install Vista 3) Install Vista on the separate partition as a CLEAN INSTALL (This step must be done in order for it to work 4) Once installed, start up computer and there should be two options to boot OS. Just choose the one that you want. Hope this helps!

On a computer with both Windows Vista and either Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 installed, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 deletes any existing System Restore points belonging to Windows Vista during boot. Microsoft confirms this issue but maintains that it is a fundamental function of the way XP works and cannot be changed. According to Microsoft, the solution is to install Windows Vista on a separate partition invisible to XP.

Windows Boot manager: BootMgr Windows Boot Loader: WinLoad.exe Boot Configuration File: BCD

Boot with Windows install disk and follow instructions.

You should probably choose Windows Setup because that is the program used to install windows. If you were not to upgrade anything you would probably notice that Windows Setup is not there. (but its also a matter of opinion)

VISTA loader called bootmgr, a "BOOTMANAGER"

You have two choices. First one is to use virtual machines (VMWare is one of the best ones). Or you can make your system dual boot. For that you need to have at least two partitions large enough to hold Vista or Windows 7. First install Vista in the first partition, second, install Windows 7 as a new installation in another partition.

If you have the windows install disc, you can insert it, restart your computer and press any key when it tells you to. This will boot from the DVD and enter the Windows Setup. From there, it will show you a list of partitions on your hard drive before you install windows. Choose the partition on which Vista is installed and click "Delete" under advanced options. The partition will be formatted. If you want to install a fresh copy of Windows Vista, you can do so now. If not, exit windows setup and install whatever OS you want to use. (Make sure you BACK UP your files before formatting - once you format the partition, you can NEVER get the files back.)

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