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I can speak only on the latter part of your question, the Vicodin. Vicodin is an opiate, and any opiate, even in smaller doses, can affect your histamine receptors and cause hives or itching, little red bumps all over your body that itch something awful.

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Q: Can novacaine or vicodin cause you to break out in an itchy red somewhat swollen rash on your limbs?
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Does vicodin make your face break out?

Yes it does.

Can Vicodin cause cold sores?

It's not supposed to. If you abuse it or over use vicodin then that can lower your immune system which can trigger a cold sore to break out.

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Can you mix hydromorphone and Vicodin together?

Hydromorphone does not have acetaminophen or Tylenol and Vicodin does. Some people take Hydromorphone for all day pain relief and the Vicodin for break-thru pain. You cannot mix any medication that has acetaminophen with Vicodin or anything that has acetaminophen in it, and should always take drugs only under a doctor's care.

How can you get prescibed for Vicodin?

if you fall and break an arm or have a car wreck or get your wisdom teeth pulled basically if you hurt yourself.

Can you take morphine and Vicodin together?

Yes, at least MS Contin and Vicodin. MS Contin is for chronic pain and Vicodin is for break through pain. But if you take both short-action : as long as both are opiates.. you should make a choice between them and increase the dose if needed (with medical support)

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Does vicodin show on 5 panel drug test?

No It will not. Hydrocodone does not break into morphine, and on the 5 PANEL. That is what is tested for Opiates screening. There is a difference in opiate and opiod.

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Can a Drug test for vicodin and morphine tell the difference?

Yes! Vicodin is from the "hydrocodone" family. Percocet is from the "oxycodone" family and morphine from a different. When they test, they generally test you for the "family name" of the drug you are perscribed. They generally don't break the test down to what percisely your taking (vicoden, percocet, ect...)as they will for( "hydrocodone, oxycodone, ect...but morphine is its own family.

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Is 500 mg of hydrocodone too much?

No...Its the lowest dose of vicodin...If it makes you feel dizzy or funny I would suggest taking half of one...Break it in half. They are perferated down the middle and easy to break in half by hand.It will do the same work without the weird feeling...GOOD LUCK! =)

Will Percocet show up like Vicodin in a lab test?

Yes. Both are opiates, but are two different kinds. Vicodin is Hydrocodone and Percocet is Oxycodone. If it is just a standard test it will just be one category called opiates. If it is a test with more drug panels, like a lab test or a 7-13 panel test, then the drug test will break down the different types of derivatives.

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How do you increase the potency of vicodin?

I have heard with Norcos which are similar to vicodin, just less Tylenol, you can drink hot coffee or another hot drink I believe it dissolves them faster or drinking something carbonated will do the same. Also if you break them in half or crush them down and swallow the powder will make them work faster. I don't think anything really intensifies the potency, just makes em kick in faster and you feel it more at first, but like most pain killers it goes away pretty quickly. I would just say break them in half or chew them up and wash em down with an energy drink or coffee.

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