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A taproot can obtain water that is deep underground.

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How do you obtain water stones in Pokemon pearl?

You have to dig underground.

How deep underground was the Titanic when it was found?

The Titanic was not underground it was under water and it was about 2 miles down

How can a plant get water from deep underground?

It uses it its roots to suck the water up.

Where is all the water in the desert?

Most of the water in a desert is deep underground in aquifers.

How deep does a pump go underground for water?

50 metes

Is what is ground water?

It is all the underground water, the water in soil and in (actually between) deep rocks.

Where do you put radioactive waste?

Deep underground. And away from water and people

Is the water in the desert underground?

Yes. Really, really deep though!

Where can you get a water stone in Pokemon Diamond?

In Diamond, you can obtain a Water Stone in the underground in Sunyshore City.

What does ground water have to do with the water table?

The water table is the term for how deep underground you have to dig to find ground water.

What implement helps people in southwest Asia obtain underground water?


Three places where bacteria live?

On the groundIn waterDeep undergroundIn the air

How does the Palm tree survive in the desert?

cause there is water deep underground near oasis

Can a cactus survive without water?

no, not all its life. if it doesnt rain for a while, it collects water from deep underground

How does water move through underground layers of soil and rock and how do people obtain it from an aquifer?

In the same way, water underground trickles down between particles of soil and through cracks and spaces in layers of rock. People can obtain groundwater from an aquifer by drilling a well below the water table.

A root that goes straight down so it can reach water deep underground?

Tap root

Bores are sunk in central Australia to obtain what water?

Bores are sunk throughout inland Australia in order to obtain bore water. Bore water is freshwater taken from underground, usually from the Great Artesian Basin.

Do cactus have deep roots?

No, most Cacti (this is the plural not cactus) have roots that only reach about 10cm at the deepest but which spread out over a large area to collect rain water. Deep roots are for accessing the water deep underground

What is the importance of underground water in the water cycle?

At the end of the water cycle the water sokes into the ground. Cities, for example scottsdale, thrive on underground water. You usually don't find a lake in the middle of the desert so you have to dig deep wholes to drink.

Is an earthquake's epicenter located deep underground?

False, the focus is located deep underground. The epicenter is at ground level

Why in summer on earth water of well is cold?

Because the water comes from deep underground - well away from the warming effects of the sun.

Which type of water come from wells?

Underground or rain water comes from wells. Wells are dug deep down the earth's surface.

What is meant by deep root and shallow root system?

Shallow roots are roots that were shallow and grows horizontally, it conserves water during the rains. Deep roots were roots that grows deep into the ground to obtain water.

How do reptiles survive in hot climates?

They live in either water or deep underground burrows to cool off.

What type of water is aquifer?

An aquifer is not a type of water. It is an underground layer of permeable rock, sediment or soil that contains water. Wells are dug to reach this layer to obtain water.