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If you put an oil based paint over water based stain, it will be OK for a short time. However, it will eventually peel and crack over time.

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Can you use water-based primer over oil based paint?

can i use water base paint over oil base paint

Can you put oil base paint over water base paint?

Yes, you can

Can you paint over a water seal Such as painting over Thompsons water seal on a wood deck.?

You can paint over Thompsons Water Seal after 3-4 days with an oil based paint and after 30 days with a water based paint or stain.

Can you paint with acrylic paint over polyurethane stain?

Yes, you can paint latex paint over polyurethane stain after applying an oil-based primer.

Can you apply oil base stain over top of water base stain on your deck?

Yes, after waiting at least six months after applying the latex stain..

Can you use oil paint over acrylic water based paint?

yes any oil base can be appplied over water base but not the oppposite

Can you paint over oil based paint with water base?

No, you can't .

Can you put an oil based polyurethane over water based stain?

Marine Paint

Can you stain over weathered paint?

If you paint over the "weathered" paint, it will chip and cause the stain to come off. Also, the stain needs a clean sanded surface in order for the wood to absorb it. Otherwise, there is no reason to use stain.

Can you use epoxy paint over water base paint?

Yes, you can use epoxy paint over any other paint.

Can you use oil base polyurethane over water base stain on a sanded floor?


Can you paint a high gloss over a flat water base paint?


Can you paint latex paint over oil base paint?

No But you can put oil based over water based paints.

Can you paint over water base primer?

Yes, you can paint over water based primer with either water-base or oil-base paint. Just be sure to do so within two weeks of applying the primer or it will be too hard to bond optimally.

Can you use water based latex paint over a stain on a house?

No, you need primer first.

Can you paint over kool deck?

can you stain over kool deck pool paint

Can you paint over polyurethane with water base paint?

No, it won't get a good grip on polyurethane.

Can I put a wood stain over oil based paint?

It's impossible to use a stain OVER paint. the surface is already sealed and a stain needs to obsorb. the surface but stripped of any paint etc. first

Can you stain over paint on a deck?

No, you need to remove the paint first.

Can you use water base paint over enamel oil base?

Yes, if you re-primer the wall prior to painting with water-based paint.

What is the difference between concrete paint and concrete stain?

The main difference between concrete paint and stain is that stain is colored and thinner. Concrete paint is used mainly to paint over top of existing concrete while stain will change the color. Stain is used more indoors than the paint.

Can you paint over gel stain?

Yes you can.

Can you paint oil base primer over water base paint?

You generally don't put primer of any kind over paint. If you have bare wood on the outside of a house you can paint the bare wood with oil base primer and get a little on the old latex paint.

How do you remove a soda stain from drywall?

Get a new dry wall or paint over it. The stain stainsthe wall, so you can pretty much only paint over it.

Can you paint with oil base paint over water base paint on pressure treated wood?

I don't see why not as long as the ware based paint is all in good shape.

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