Can one drive a vw corrado without the factory supercharger?

Of course you can run your VW corrado without the factory supercharger just remove the belt of the supercharger and you're done the engine will still vaccum air through the filter which's connected to the supercharger.

What will happen to the car other than that if you're intrested to know

1-The car will lose some of it's power cause of the lose of the supercharger. so if you try race your corrado your chances to lose are higher!

2- the car air\fuel mixture MIGHT be rich(more fuel than air) and as I said might.

3- You'll get better gas mileage cause the car is runned by a MAP sensor(Manifold Air Pressure sensor) which messuares the pressure the supercharger is pushing and converts that into a signal to the ECU(Engine Control Unit) so it knows how much fuel that air needs for the right combustion so when you remove your supercharger the air pressure will drop to be in the minus area meaning less fuel will be injected so you'll get better gas mileage.

I'm no god so this info might not be 100% accurate but what I'm 100% sure of that you'll get no harm AT ALL by JUST removing the belt of your supercharger.

ANSWER 2: not actually that simple. you'll need to bypass some things and you WILL lose a lot of power (a semi truck will be able to beat you off the line). mine also started to choke around 3500rpm. the gas mileage is worse. more info is to be found on