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No! Not unless you have a tear between your anus and your vagina. But you would probably be dead then! Sperm has to get to your uterus to fertilize an egg, and it can not from your anus. But if you wiped the sperm out over your vagina after anal sex then you might cause that to happen.

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Can a girl get pregnant through her anus?

A girl can not get pregnant through her anus.

Could you get pregnant through anal hole?

There is an absolute 0% of getting pregnant through your anus

How can you get pregnant from your anus?

You are not able to get pregnant from the anus.

Can you get pregnent from the anus?

You can not get pregnant from the anus.

What happen to the food as it passes through the anus?

Nothing. Food doesn't pass through the anus. Waste passes through the anus.

Can you get pregnant in a chlorinated pool even if he ejaculates and it's near your anus?

You can only get pregnant if a drop of sperm reaches the vagina from the anus.

Is there an animal or an aquatic that can eat through its anus?

I think there is a animal that can it through its anus

Can a female climax through her anus?

Many women claim they climax through the anus.

Why Hair came out of anus?

ingestion of hair through the mouth, thus it exits through the anus

Can people give birth through the anus?

No, humans cannot give birth through the anus. There have been reports of animals birthing through the anus, mainly in horses via the foal kicking and penetrating the anus, but humans are unable to give birth through the rectum.

When a cow gives birth is it through its anus?

No. Cows give birth through the VAGINA, not the anus. ALL mammals give birth through the vagina or birth canal, NEVER THE ANUS.

What is the opening through which feces leave the body?

the anus is the opening through which feces leave the body

What is the funtion of the anus?

the anus is the final point of which the wast goes through

Does blood pump through anus?

there are veins in your anus so yes

Do jellyfish have anus?

They have no anus and expel undigested matter through the mouth.

What is the anus in your body?

The anus is the opening through which waste is emitted from the colon.

Can you get pregnant by putting a finger up a anus?

No. To get pregnant, you need sperm cells (semen) from a man.

Why do vets extricate calves through a cows anus?

They don't. Calves are pulled through the cow's vagina, not the anus.

Can a women get pregnant if the sperm leaks on her virgina or anus?

Yes, all the sperm has to do is come in contact with vaginal mucus, and it can travel into the vagina and through the cervix.

How does mammals excrete?

Mammals excrete in two ways. One is waste goes through and out the anus and through chemical waste.

Women have two holes.front and back.what they are called and where to insert penis to make women pregnant?

To make her pregnant you insert the penis in the vagina, the front. The back one is the same you have, the anus.

Does frog have anus?

No, the frog does not have an anus. The frog may not have an anus but it has a cloaca that is like an anus but allows not just waste, but sperm and/or eggs to also pass through it.

Why do bats have no anus?

Your assumption is incorrect, bats DO have and anus.

Using tongues will you get pregnant?

No. One cannot get pregnant through oral sex or through French/deep kissing.

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