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No. There are many adverse consequences of unpaid medical bills, including lawsuits and wage garnishment, only noncustodial parents paying child support can be jailed for unpaid medical bills in America.

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Q: Can one go to jail for unpaid medical bills?
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Can your spouse sue an ex for half of the unpaid medical bills?

It would depend on what is listed in the divorce decree. If the medical bills were for a child, more than likely both parents are responsible for 50% of the medical bill. If the medical bill was incurred by one spouse, the court may not recognize that as community property and make it responsibility of the debt-incurring party.

We've been separated for 3 years she died and left massive hospital bills but her mother was medical power of attorney can the hospitals still come after me for the bills?

Very likely, yes. In general, spouses have a duty to support one another, which gives the hospital the right to pursue you for unpaid bills.

Who is responsible for medical bills after divorce is in process?

the one responsible for medical bills, i think its the one who was responsible before the divorce process commenced......

What is California law regarding unpaid medical bills of an adult deceased child when there is no will and no estate?

The estate has to close out all debts. That is one of the reasons to establish an estate, to show that there are no assets and there is no way to resolve the debts.

When you get a parking ticket can you be thrown in jail?

Not ususally for just one. If you have a whole bunch of unpaid parking tickets, you might.

How long do you have to pay medical bills?

in terms of my country, medical bills are paid at the time when one is sick and is accessing medical attention within the institution offering the needed service...but if by law in ones country you are specified as for how long you have to pay medical bills, you have no choice but to obey the law...

If you have unpaid tickets for the past 2 years can you go to jail or do you get your license suspended?

I would say that the chances for one or both is good.

Can medical bills be taken from federal tax refund?

It is unlikely that a tax refund would be garnished for past due medical bills. Generally refunds can only be garnished for certain things, and medical bills really aren't one. Tax refunds are garnished in instances of: child support arrearages past due federal tax past due state income tax unpaid federal student loans government program repayments However, if you deposit it into an account that they have the right to garnish, the funds lose their identity as a tax refund.

Who is responsible for medical bills after divorce has been final for one year?

If no provisions were set up during the divorce proceedings, medical bills would revert to the person receiving treatment.

How to remove unpaid bills from previous years?

Bankruptcy is about the only way, although you could technically pay them or consolidate them (into one loan, which you then pay back).

Have unpaid loans in Dubai can i still visit there?

No , if you do it you will be taken to the jail straight , after one day judge will free you but you have no right to go out of Dubai till you pay your debt

Is a wife responsible for her deceased husband's medical bills in TX?

Yes. The primary way people avoid responsibility for unexpectedly large medical bills is to file for (declare) bankruptcy. Texas, having one of the largest uninsured populations of any state in the union, is no exception. The medical bills for people who do this are then passed on to local taxpayers.

What kind of federal penalties can one expect with unpaid taxes?

You can expect to be hit with fees and assessments for the past due taxes. You could also serve jail time.

Who pays for any medical bills when your child hurts another child at school?

In most situations, the school district's insurance will pay for the standard fare of medical bills. However, if one family sues another for damages, the school district then will most likely remain neutral ... the outcome of the suit will determine who is liable for paying the medical bills.

Can an agency put your wife's medical bills on your credit report if she is the one treated?

Yes, they can since you legally are one entity. It is best to pay the bills as soon as you can and/or discuss a payment schedule with the agency.

If you are a passenger in a one car wreck and the driver is not a designated driver who will pay for your medical bills?

The at fault drivers auto insurance policy would pay for medical bills up to the policy limits for which that insured driver is liable. If there is no insurance then there is no coverage. If no one has Auto Insurance to cover you, hopefully you have a major Medical Insurance Policy in place. Major medical will cover your medical expenses even from a car accident.

What if the spouse can not pay the deceased husbands hospital bills in Texas?

The hospitals often will forgive medical bills if the attorney or spouse calls the collection or billing agency for the hospital. Often, hospital bills are one of the bills not required to be paid at all by the spouse.

Your father recently passed away Is your mother responsible for any medical bills that were incurred during his illness?

Yes. When a couple is married, they are bound to one another. So, if there were medical bills, the closest related relative (or wife/husband) would receive the bill.

In Arizona who is responsible for deceased patient's medical bills with no estate?

The estate is responsible. If there isn't one, an estate should be opened.

What is the importance of follow up in medical practices?

Following up on unpaid insurance claims is one of the most important responsibilities for medical billing companies or the Medical billing specialists at the doctors office. Without timely follow up on unpaid or underpaid claims, the Accounts receivables for the medical practice will quickly get out of control. The most important reason to follow up on unpaid claims is to find out early why the claims have not paid and fix the problem so the cash flow to the practice is not severely affected. Most insurance companies have timely filing limits that must be met or you lose the right to receive payment for that claim.

What is the statute of limitations on medical bills in Washington?

There is no legal statute dealing with medical bills, so the bills will always be outstanding, and you will always owe them. Sorry, you have to pay up! * Medical bills are generally considered written contracts, the SOL for the State of Washington for a written contract is 6-years. SOL's only apply to the time in which a creditor can file a lawsuit, there is not time limit for a credit to pursue collection of a debt. FYI, in some cases the reasons for the medical bills being incurred can play a part in whether or not the SOL can be used as a valid defense. Also, a debtor who is sued for any debt in which the SOL has expired must be the one to present the SOL invalidation of the debt to the court.

In Florida is the surviving spouse responsible for medical bills?

Is your name on the bills? If you did not sign anything to be liable for the bills, then you are not responsible. Only the party that enter into the contract is liable for the debt. This means if your spouse is the only one named on the bills that you do not have to pay. A collection agency may tell you that you are liable even if you are not. Learn your rights under the FDCPA.

Is a spouse responsible for the other spouse medical bills?

Yes, even if indirectly. If they are still living, yes, they are jointly responsible. Since they are married, any benefit to one is considered a benefit to the other. If the spouse has passed away, the estate is responsible for the medical bills of the deceased. And since the spouse is normally the recipient of the estate, the bills will affect how much the spouse will inherit. Some of the assets, such as property held as Tenants in the Entirety, becomes the property of the spouse. Other assets may have to be liquidated to pay the bills, including medical expenses and funeral costs.

Is one direction getting out of jail?

Their not in jail

If the child support order states that you must pay for medical insurance are you also obligated to pay the dental and optical bills not covered by the insurance?

most of the time they give responsibility to CARRY the insurance on the child to one parent but also state that the other parent has to pay half of the medical bills that are aquired. Depends on the divorce papers. Its all about the legalities. most of the time they give responsibility to CARRY the insurance on the child to one parent but also state that the other parent has to pay half of the medical bills that are aquired. Depends on the divorce papers. Its all about the legalities.