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yes one infected hair follicle can cause you to have several bumps on vagina!!!!!!

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โˆ™ 2008-12-18 13:06:24
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Q: Can one infected hair follicle cause you to have several bumps on vagina?
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How do you get risen bumps?

Risen bumps are also known as boils. They can occur when a hair follicle gets infected with staph. A warm wet washcloth can be applied to the risen to help it drain.

What if you have several bumps on your vagina and its itchy and red?

You need to go to your doctor.

If you have several pimple like bumps on your vagina lips what could they be?

I have two pimple like bumps on my vagina ine on the out side that doesnt itch or burn or anything but the one on the inside burns when i

What causes bumps on the bottom of your tongue and vagina?

A disease that can cause bumps on the bottom of your tongue and in the vagina could be syphilis.

You have many red sores on your vagina along with two random sores on your legs you noticed the bumps on your vagina after shaving What could it be?

stop shaving temporarily and then see where it goes from there.... the bumps on your legs may have nothing to do with your vagina bumps.

Describe the structure of a hair. What causes goose bumps?

The hair has two main structures. This is the hair follicle and the hair shaft. Goose bumps happen when the hair follicle raises making your hair stand up.

Is it normal to have bumps on your vagina after shaving down there?

Shaving bumps are very common.

What happens when you bumps on your vagina?


Why do you get bumps on your vaginal area?

It might be infected.

Can you get hair bumps on your vagina?

YES YOU CAN GET HAIRBUMPS ON YOUR VAGINA. HAIRBUMPS COME ANYWHERE HAIR GROWS. yes you can, the best thing to resolve that is to shave your pubic hair in the same direction it grows in. also there are shaving lotions (for vaginal areas) provided in several stores that can prevent these bumps or for those with sensitve skin. The vagina is the part the penis enters, the internal part, so having hair bumps there would be quite disturbing. You can get hair bumps on the outside area, the vulva. ok, who really wants to know about your hair bumps! keep it personal giirl

Why is my vagina have bumps and is red and burns to pee?

you might have a STD

Causes of bumps on the vagina that spread and enlarge?


How to get rid of irritation bumps on your vagina from shaving?


You have bumps around your rectum and vagina what is it?

it could be genital warts

Are there natural little bumps on the vagina?

no, they are usually a result from shaving.

What does it mean when your vagina is itchy wit little bumps on the inside of your vagina?

sounds like thrush go to your pharmasist

What muscles cause goose bumps?

Arrector pili muscle- Minute, involuntary muscle in the base of the hair follicle that causes "goose bumps".Hope this helps you

What if you have bumps on your balls?

you have a rash or just infected see a doctor quick.

Can females get razor bumps on their vagina?

You betcha. But if you're careful, it can be beautiful.

I have Little black bumps on vagina does anyone know what the are?

it could be blackheads

If you shave your vagina do you get bumps?

some times depend on the shaving cream for me

Is the inside of your vagina supposed to be bumpy?

Yes. It has alot of ridges and bumps.

What do you have when you have bumps on the inside of your vagina lips and you itch and you have white discharge?


What if the bumps on your vagina pinkish reddish turn in to scales?

You are turning into a mermaid.

Can you get little bumps from a yeast infection?

If you mean bumps in your vagina, not likely but if you mean that your discharges is in form of bumps, probably white and cheese-like then that is one of the few symptoms of yeast infection.