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If your not divorced or separated and are just considering (thinking about it) divorce, than it should not be a problem. I would suggest calling the IRS and ask them this question. You don't have to give them your name. If your not comfortable calling the IRS than call one of your local tax preparers like H&R Block and ask.

Often the divorce settlement will include specifics about who may claim whom as dependents, if both parties agree. Generally, in order to claim someone as a dependent you must provide more than 50% of their total support. Thus, if you paid $20,000 to support your wife, you could claim her if her income was $10,000, but not if she made $40,000.

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Q: Can one keep a wife and mother-in-law as dependents when considering a divorce if one is the sole provider for both medical and housing?
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How should an A-4 form look like filled out filing single with no dependents?

decree of divorce and no dependents

When should you claim Single filing status with no dependents?

You claim Single filing status with no dependents if you meet certain conditions. One, you've never been married, and you don't have any dependents. Two, you're legally separated under a decree of divorce or separate maintenance, and you don't have any dependents. Three, you're widowed, you haven't remarried, and you have no dependents.

Why was Gary LeVox considering getting a divorce?

he wasnt. he is still with his wife.

Debate on should early marriage be encourage?

Considering their divorce rate is higher, no.

In the event of a divorce who get to claim the children as dependents on income tax?

It should be addressed in the divorce and custody arrangement. If not, it is a matter of frequent dispute. Generally, the custodial parent...but if the other is actually providing the majority of financial support, an argument can be made for them.

Divorce Attorneys Protect You?

Divorce is a very messy business. Different people react very differently to learning that their partner wants a divorce. There are a number of reasons why someone in this situation would want to get an attorney. These divorce attorneys help to protect them legally as they go through this process. Keep this in mind if you are considering divorce or if you think that your partner may want to get a divorce of some kind.

Divorced then spouse remarries then spouse take your child to hospital and signs forms as before divorce and as married now is this stating she is married to you and does it null and void your divorce?

No, but there might be a problem with the insurance provider.

If you are considering divorce but you are pregnant do you have to have your husbands permission to move out of state in CA?

the answer is a simple yes if the babies father is your husband

Is no fault divorce fair to a father of four who has been the sole provider for 12 years and has done nothing wrong?

No its not fair but im sure there is a reason because a person does not get a divorce after 12 years for no reason.

Best way to divorce your wife?

Before you decide on divorce take time out for yourself (go on a weekend trip) and be sure this is what you want. If you are still considering divorce and if you own you have children (will have to come to a custody agreement); own your own home; vehicles or other properties you would be wise to see a divorce lawyer.

Do grandparents have more rights than aunts?

In terms of access to grandchildren, in most places grandparents have about the same rights as aunts, which is to say they have no rights that are not specifically conferred by a divorce court considering a specific divorce.

Where can one find information on filing a divorce online?

In the event that you're considering a divorce from your partner there are a variety of sources you can refer to for information. The UK government provides all the resources and information you need online to need to file a divorce, as well as giving a breakdown on the process of what can be a difficult process.

How do I divorce a narcissist husband?

The process of divorce is today a fairly simple procedure. The first step in securing a divorce is, usually, to consult a lawyer who specialises in this section of the law. Grounds for divorce vary from country to country so without further information a definitive answer cannot be given. Alternatives to divorce are available. Some are arbitration, councilling, trial separation etc. These are less final solutions and are worth considering.

Is financial difficulty such as the marriage tax penalty a valid reason for getting a divorce?

No, that's just an excuse that is covering up the true reason for considering divorce. I thought married people got a break on taxes.

What can two people expect when considering divorce?

First of all don't expect to win your divorce case. Secondly, think twice before you make your decision. Don't make important decisions without thinking them through. Lastly, think about your kids.

Can a divorced or widowed man becomes a Roman Catholic priest?

Widowed, yes, but the divorce concept is against the teaching of the Catholic church. Unless the divorce was allowed by the church, you may have a hard time to get into being a priest. Of course, there maybe certain exceptions to this, such as a difficult marriage ect, but this divorce should have been removed by the Church first before you can considering becoming a priest.

Effects of early marriage among teenagers?

they have a lot of chances of getting a divorce. most teens do not think, they just tend to do things without considering the consequences.

Can a divorced or widowed woman becomes a Roman Catholic nun?

Widowed, yes, but the divorce concept is against the teaching of the Catholic church. Unless the divorce was allowed by the church, you may have a hard time to get into being a nun. Of course, there maybe certain exceptions to this, such as a difficult marriage ect, but this divorce should have been removed by the Church first before you can considering becoming a nun.

Can an illegal alien file a divorce in California?

I'm gonna say no, considering it is an ILLEGAL alien, it probably can't do anything but hide... Just saying...

If you agreed to allow your ex husband to claim the children on his taxes in your separation agreement can you go back to court and change it?

You can return to court and petition for a modification of the divorce decree. It will be your responsibility to submit compelling evidence that there has been a substantial change in your circumstances and you should be allowed to claim the children as your dependents. You should consult with an attorney who can review your situation and explain your options. A custodial parent is permitted under federal law to claim the children as dependents.

When divorce happens and the house is in woman name does the man have legal rights to the home?

It depends. This is an issue that varies from state to state, so it depends on the relevant state's law. It also depends on when/how the home was purchased. If the wife purchased the home prior to the marriage, it may be considered pre-marital property, and therefore not subject to the divorce. If it was purchased with marital funds, it may be joint property, and may need to be divided in the divorce. If you are considering divorce, you should make an appointment to speak with a divorce lawyer in your area right away. Family/divorce law is often complicated, especially when property, debts, and children are involved.

What are the ten best things to do when preparing for a divorce?

Every relationship and every situation is different. When considering a divorce, one must be emotionally and financially prepared to begin the potentially lengthy and exhausting process of getting a divorce. Talk to those trusted friends and loved ones. Consider all those involved, including children. Speak with an attorney and begin to prepare all legal documents needed.

Who gets the car in a divorce in South Carolina?

If the parties cannot agree then the court will decide after considering such factors as the needs of the parties, their future ability to acquire assets, the division of other assets, etc.

You have been dating your boyfriend since January His divorce was already in process and was finalized in March he and his wife are thinking of reconciliation but he wants you to wait what do you do?

* If you don't have respect for yourself then others won't. Considering he went through the trouble of divorce and now he and his ex wife are considering reconciliation that should tell you very bluntly that he is using you and has no respect for you when he wants to get on with his life, but expects you to wait until he decides if he wants to reconcile with his wife or be with you. Tell him to hit the bricks and move on with your life. You have already wasted too much time on this man.

In Pennsylvania can an employer legally ask an employee for proof of marriage or divorce before adding or deleting insurance coverage for a dependent?

Yes, it is more likely it is the insurance provider's requirement rather than the employer.