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Yes they can and sometimes it's a good idea in case one Power of Attorney is ill or needs to leave the country. Holding Power of Attorney means two things: Either your parent(s) has given you this trusted right and signs a contract or, the person is elderly, very ill, and proven by doctors not to be of sound mind. Marcy

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Q: Can one or more adult children hold power of attorney for a parent?
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Can elderly parent force adult children into power of attorney?


Does a mentally disable parent who's children took care of them have rights?

Yes. Unless power of attorney was granted to the caretaker children, the parent retains all their rights as an adult.

Are children responsible for their parent's debts when the parent dies even if you are power of attorney?


Can a 17 year old hold power of attorney for a parent?

No they cannot be power of attorney. They holder must be an adult, usually at least 18.

If one sibling has power of attorney for a parent - what are the other siblings rights?

The child who was granted Power of Attorney is the only child with any "rights". Children have no "rights" in their parent's property while their parent is living.

Can a parent give somebody else a power of attorney over children if his is not primary custodial parent without consent of the other parent?

Yes, but the other parent can challenge.

If a sibling is going for power of attorney of a parent will other children be notified?

Not necessarily. It's not required.

What are the power of attorneys rights over a parent that is of sound mind?

The Power of Attorney has no rights over a parent of sound mind. The power of attorney is given by the parent and can be withdrawn at any time. And the power of attorney automatically ends upon the grantor's death.

Can a convicted felon be a power of attorney and executor of a will?

can a convicted felon be a power of attorney for their parent?

How do you obtain power of attorney over incompetent parent?

you can only obtain a power of attorney if the parent is willing to give it to you, if the parent is declared incompetent by a physician then only an attorney will be able to give you P/A until the P/A dies with the death of the parent.

What do you need to get power of attorney for a child?

The child's parent's can sign a power of attorney form giving an adult the authority to authorize medical treatment, enroll the child in school, provide temporary care for the child, etc.

Can a power of attorney can be given only to an actual attorney?

Anyone can be appointed as a power of attorney. The only requirement is trust and being an adult.

How do you obtian power of attorney over a parent in NH?

You first have to authorize a power of attorney form, then make them sign as the 'Principal' and you should sign as the 'Attorney-in-Fact' If your parent is competent their grant of a Power of Attorney must be voluntary. They must execute a Durable Power of Attorney document that names you as their attorney in fact. You and your parents should consult with an attorney who can review the situation and advise you of your options and the consequences of executing a power of attorney. If your parent is not legally competent then you must petition the court to be appointed their legal guardian.

How do you obtain power of attorney over a parent with joint custody of a minor?

Nolo Press publishes a series of good do-it-yourself books on common legal problems and how to prepare common legal documents. A competent adult must voluntarily provide you with a power of attorney. You cannot force someone to give you a power of attorney.

How do you get power of attorney for a disabled adult child?

Apply to the probate court. They will review the situation and grant the power of attorney.

Who is responsible for making the funeral arrangements of a parent in Indiana?

The responsibility for making funeral arrangements in Indiana follow a specific order. The order starts with a person named in a funeral planning document or the person who holds a power of attorney over the deceased parent. If there was not a funeral planning document or power of attorney, the responsibility goes to a surviving spouse, then an adult child, and lastly to any adult next of kin.

Who makes legal decisions when putting a parent in a nursing home the granddaughter or children of grandparent?

It is generally the adult children of the elderly person that tries to get their parent into a nursing home if the elderly person is no longer competent to look after themselves, but in many States and in Canada this has to be doctor approved for the security of that elderly parent because some elderly parents are quite capable of living with their grown children or even on their own. However, either in a Will or if the elderly person is lucid (thinking very clearly) they can name anyone to become Power of Attorney to care for them if they do not trust their adult children's decisions.

Who has power of attorney if there is no spouse or children?

Nobody has a power of attorney unless the individual has duly appointed them. And if they are deceased, no power of attorney is valid, as they expire at death.

How can a parent give another parent the right to make decisions for their child?

Notarized Power of Attorney

Can a daughter or son be power of attorney for their parent?

Yes. That is not uncommon.

is a power of attorney for a parent filed anywhere other then with the power of attorney?

It will typically have to be filed with each third party they are working with. Without a copy of the power of attorney, a bank will not recognize the rights.

Can a legle child take power of attorney from a step child?

No they cannot take the power of attorney away. The only person that can change the power of attorney is the person who granted it. That would be the parent or the court.

Can I be a parent's power of attorney if the other parent is alive?

Yes, a person has the authority to name whomever he/she wishes. Additionally, that person can name multiple agents for power of attorney.

Is a step mom power of attorney?

A step mother can only be a power of attorney if she has legally adopted the child. The parent or legal guardians of a child can also sign over power of attorney to a step mother.

Can a brother be awarded power of attorney over his sister?

No, power-of-attorney is not awarded. It is granted by the person that it is for. His sister could grant him a power of attorney. A brother could be appointed the guardian of his sister if she is a minor and he is an adult.