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A POA is granted by persons who for whataever reason are unable to conduct their personal and/or financial affairs. An individual cannot grant themselves a POA. The method for closing a joint account is to close the existing account and open a single account. The other account holder would obviously be notified of the action as they would have to be a part of closing the account depending upon how the account is held (JT, JTWRS, TBE, etc.).

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Q: Can one person have their name removed from a joint bank account using a power of attorney without the other person's knowledge?
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Can you be removed as legal power of attorney without your knowledge?

The grantor can revoke a power of attorney. The do need to notify you of the revocation.

How do you get your name removed from a joint visa with a zero balance when the visa says both must sign to remove one of the joint names?

== == Do as they ask. Both persons that are named on the account HAVE to sign to have one name removed from the card account.

Is it a crime to continue using power of attorney once one is removed as power of attorney?

If the agent knows that the Power of Attorney has been revoked, yes, it can constitute fraud and be charged as a criminal act. However, termination or suspension of an agent's authority or of a power of attorney is not effective as to an agent who, without knowledge of the termination or suspension, acts in good faith under the power of attorney.

If your car loan statement says the bank closed the account in 1999 can you have this repossession removed from your credit report?

Chances are good the bank sold the account to a collection agancy. Contact a local attorney for state specific info.

How do you stop a bank account freeze?

a freeze on a bank account is put there by a court of law meaning all the assets are frozen for whatever reason either due to a death of the account holder or a crime, this can only be removed by an attorney after everything is disclosed or dispersed either through a will or court order.

How can you have your former husband's name removed from a line of credit that is linked to your personal checking account so he is not responsible for liablilty or credit reference?

A joint account holder cannot be removed from the account, the account will have to be closed.

Can power of attorney be forcefully removed by another party?

Only the grantor can remove a power of attorney. In some cases that would be the court.

Can you continue receiving direct deposit into a checking account after your name has been removed from the account?


If an executor finds that money was removed from the deceased bank account after death by a relative can you request return of money to pay outstanding debts?

Unless it was a joint account, the executor can do so. If it was a joint account, or one with rights of survivorship, there may not be an option. Consult an attorney in your jurisdiction to find out the specific laws that apply in your state or country.

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