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"Yes, one can post classified advertising online. One may use online classified listings like Craigslist or the pennysaver. One may also use the website of various newspapers and take out a classified ad in that manner."

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Q: Can one post classified advertising online?
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Where can one find free online classified advertising?

There are several places that one can find free online classified advertising. You can try the websites of Mlive, Newsday, Pennysaverusa, or Craigslist. Craigslist is local to the area you live.

Where can one find cheap apartments in Chicago?

One can find cheap apartments in Chicago by utilizing online classified services such as Craigslist. On this website, home owners are able to post information about available apartments that are for rent or for sale, often advertising cheap apartments.

Where can one place a classified ad online?

Classified ads have long been the chosen form for placing individual advertisements. Whether searching for employees, selling products, or advertising services, classified ads have been the method of choice. Originally only available offline, now classified ads have moved online. One company offering classified ad service is Craigslist, the Internet's most well-known classified service. One can also use newspaper websites, as many of them offer their classified ads both online and off, and can be placed online to be viewed in the offline newspaper as well.

Where can one list Doberman puppies for sale?

Most local newspapers list animals such as puppies for sale in their classified advertisements. One can also list puppies for sale on online classified advertising services such as Craigslist or through organizations like PuppyFind.

What can one do on the website Post Register?

Post Register is a local newspaper in Idaho. On its website one can register as a member and gain access to the newspaper online together with classified sections. One can also upload copy for advertisements.

When did online classified advertising begin?

Probably Craiglist in USA was the first major free classified ads site and still most dominant in US. It started around 2005. Now a days there are 100's of free classified ad site. is one of the latest in Canada.

Where could one find an online advertising course?

One can find an online advertising course on the following websites: Online Advertising Course, Reed, Stanford, University, Academy Art, eConsultancy, eLearn UK, Seek Learning, to name a few.

Where could one sell used Zhu Zhu Pets?

The best places to try and sell used Zhu Zhu pets, will be to advertise them online in one or more of the free online classified ad sites. One can even try Ebay or to get fast reaction on your advertising.

Where can one find somewhere to apply for free online advertising?

The website called the Free Advertising Network is a good online free advertising website to place your ads on because they are recognized internationally.

Where can one list used salon equipment for sale?

One can list and sell their used salon equipment online on Craigslist, Amazon, eBay and more. One can also use their local Penny Saver, a local classified advertising newspaper.

Where could one go online for information about Search Advertising?

Information about Search Advertising can be found from Sempo's official website. There, one can find about the history and relevance of Search Advertising.

What is classified advertising?

The classified advertising is the small ads clubbed or put together in a category. E.g. used car, all advertisement for used cars are put in one category. Reader who are looking for particular items, go to that category.

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