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Well I guess with major modifications, you could but, they won't fit.

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Q: Can other car bumpers be used for Nissan bumpers?
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Why plastic bumpers are used in the vehicle and when did it start in assembling a car?

they are not bumpers they are merely covers for the bumper system behind them

What are thermo-setting plastics used for?

car bumpers

When was bumper crop first used?

Making car bumpers.

What manufacturing process is used to make car bumpers?


What element is used to plate car bumpers?

chromium i think

What object were used in STOMP?

Car bumpers, Pot's, plastic barrels, metal pipes, brooms, cards, stop sign, car rims, and many other recycled objects.

What element is used to manufacture stainless steel and protect car bumpers?


How are bumpers helpful in a collision?

Bumpers are usually the first part of a car that connects in a collision. They absorb most of the impact. They are made to protect other parts of the vehicle, not the driver or passengers.

What is a clio bumper used for?

Clio bumpers are placed onto a Renault Clio, a type of super minicar. The bumpers are placed in the front and back and help protect the car to an extent.

Where can purchase a used Nissan Terrano?

One can purchase a used Nissan Terrano at a used car dealer. Auto Trader is a reputed used car dealer and will most definitely have a Nissan Terrano for sale.

Why do use bumpers?

If you hit a car by accident, it will do the damage to the bumper but not to your engine or any other part of the car. Bumpers are tough, and only help on small crashes, but in extreme crashes they won't do much help. They're just a little extra shield protection. They can also be used to pull a car, or get pulled in case you get stuck in mud or in really deep snow.

Why do bumpers need to absorb more force on today's car?

Yes. Originally, bumpers were merely designed to protect the vehicle from damage. Today, bumpers are designed as part of the shock absorbing system of a car.

Where can one purchase a cheap used Nissan Murano?

To buy a used Nissan Murano one could go to a car dealership or visit the Nissan used cars website where they have a range of used cars, which does include the Nissan Murano car for a good price.

Why is chromium used for coating car bumpers?

As chromium resists corrosion just as plastic so it is used in the cars bumbers

Where does one find images of car bumpers?

Images of car bumpers are available online through various car manufacture sites such as the car you are looking for. Zoom in and crop if necessary for bumper views.

Why are bumpers installed on most automobiles?

Bumpers are installed on automobiles as a safety feature. They are actually used more to protect pedestrians that may be hit, rather than occupants of a car in a collision, although they are also of some us in protecting the car's safety systems.

Can you recycle car bumpers?


How are bumpers good in a car crash?

is absorbs the shock of the car hitting your car

What was Nissan before it was Nissan?

Nissan used to be Datsun. Nissan was originally the Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works which was founded in 1911.

How does the value of BMW models hold up when sold used?

The BMW normally has the highest used car resell value of any other car maker. They are followed by Nissan, and Honda.

How do you place bumper stickers on a car?

Well, it used to be on older cars that you put them on the bumpers at the back of the car, hence the name, but nowadays you don't have those kind of bumpers anymore so its acceptable to place them anywhere on the rear of the vehicle (not covering any important lights of course)

Where could one purchase a used Nissan car?

You can purchase a used Nissan automobile from Craigslist, eBay (you will have to find a local ad, most people are not going to ship cars), and several used car dealerships in your area that sell Nissan automobiles.

What does body color bumper mean?

Older cars often had chromium plated bumpers (fenders) more modern cars tend to have either black bumpers or bumpers which are the same colour as the main body of the car (body colour bumpers).

Where can one purchase a used Nissan 180 SX car in Ontario Canada?

One can purchase a used Nissan 180 SX in Ontario, Canada from Auto Trader. They have this model of car listed for $4,800. One can also look for the car at their local Nissan dealer.

Which car company manufactures the Infinity car?

Infiniti (correct spelling) is the luxury car division of Japanese car maker Nissan Motors. Infiniti is not used in Japan, the car keeps the Nissan marque.