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Should be able to as the lender really doesn't want the car. Call the lender and talk with a supervisor. Tell them that you can give them a "certified death certificate" for the primary signer and that you want to make arrangements to buy the car. Whether they will let you pay in installments or keep the loan in the primary's name is doubtful. More than likely, you will either be financing a completely different loan or paying cash. Good luck!

2006-08-31 16:49:27
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Do family members have to pay taxes on a parent's annuity when parent deceases?

Yes the annuity payments are taxable income to the beneficiaries in the same way that they were taxed to the deceased taxpayer.

What to do if people missed sixteen days on a payment of a truck that they took payments over from a family member and then they repossess it without motifying you?

Well, a vehicle can be repossessed with no notification, so there's not much you can do about that. If the payments were taken over by family members, it's assumed the first family member was aware someone else would be paying for the truck and so is still responsible to see that the payments are made.

Who are Flanders family members?

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What do you call family members that are dead and you see them in your house as ghosts?

Individuals that state they see deceased family members are called 'entities.'

What would you call members of your family that died of black death?


If both of your parents are deceased and they have no estate who is respible for the funeral cost?

Family members

In the Mayan culture there were courtyards where the deceased family members were buried. Why were they buried there?

The deceased family members were buried there so they could watch their children play in the courtyards an to watch the mayans play the game of the hero twins.

Are rent payments from family members considered taxable income?


What are payments sent by immigrants to family members in their home country called?


How long after death do Jehovah witness have the funeral?

The answer - it's up to the family members or the deceased person's request. There's nothing written anywhere that I am aware of any time period, again it would be according to family members or the deceased person's request.

Can repossession affect family members?

The only person it affects is the person the item is being repossessed from. Unless, one of the family members is a co-signer on a loan of the repossessed item. Then, they can bear the responsibility of repaying the loan and it will show on their credit report as well. I'm not aware of what is being repossessed, but the implications of repossessions may affect others...just not financially, unless taxes are involved (like a home).

Can you be prosecuted for using a deceased family members credit card?

Yes. It's called "fraud".

A few days after the tragedy Shaila goes to to try to identify the bodies of her deceased family members A England?


What does it means when you dream about a deceased sibling?

It is not unusual to dream of family members (parents, siblings, relatives) that have passed away.

Who are Sasha's family members?

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How do you find out if your deceased father had any stocks or bonds?

There are a few ways to find out of your deceased father had any stocks or bonds. The easiest way is to ask family members like your mom.

Can non Catholics have a funeral mass in the Catholic church?

Yes, if the family members were practicing catholics and the deceased lived a good life and supportive of the family beliefs.

Why did ancient China keep grasshoppers for pets?

In certain regions of China, grasshoppers were kept as family pets and it was believed grasshoppers embodied the personalities of family members who were deceased. Keeping these reincarnate souls in the form of grasshoppers insured prosperity amongst the family members.

What if fathers name is incorrect on birth certificate and he is deceased?

well just try and figure out how to find out his name from relatives or family members

What is the first thing a forensic scientist looks at to identify a deceased?

The first thing a forensic scientist looks at to identify a deceased is teeth or facial markings that family members could use to identify the male/female.

What is purpose of dish garden?

Dish gardens are a commemorative composite. Dish gardens are used in funeral arrangements after the loved one has been laid to rest, specified members of the family each take a plant to nourish and cherish as a memorial to the deceased. (usually a group of grandchildren take the plants of a deceased grandparent) The are a very different, but very appreciated way to honor a deceased person and to honor the family of the deceased.

What is the crucial drawback in using family studies to try to determine the risk of a genetic disorder among relatives sharing a household?

Lack of information about other family members, especially from previous generations because of deceased family members, who obviously cannot provide information about past manifestations of the disorder.

Can you be executor of estate with no assets in estate?

Yes. This can make sense in order to close out the debts of the deceased and prevent creditors from annoying surviving family members.

Is it correct to say who is in your family members?

Whom are your family membersorWho are members of your family

Is the family allotted money from a deceased account?

It depends. a. If the deceased individual has a legal will, the people mentioned in his will, will be given the money from his account b. If he does not have a legal will, then his legal heirs (spouse and/or children) will be given the money from his account c. If he does not have any spouse or children, then the remaining family members will be given the money