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No, Oxi Clean is not intended for use in pools. You should go to a pool supply store to learn what chemicals to use and the correct amounts for the kind and size pool you have.

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What is oxi cleans slogan?

Stain, what stain The Power of Oxi Clean if it aint clean, it aint Oxy-Clean

Does oxi clean really get the job done?

Of course oxi clean gets the job done that's why there is a clean at the end!

How do you get koolaid out?

oxi clean

Is borax the same as oxi clean?


What can you use to clean your hard wood floor?

Oxi Clean!

Who invented oxi clean?

billy maze invented oxi clean who is now dead because of a heart disease, because he sallowed the product

How to get a yellow stain out of white pants?

Oxi Clean works like a charm it works try it but get oxi clean stain removal with out chlorine

What year was oxi clean made?


What year was Oxi Clean invented?


What makes oxi oxy clean a good stain remover?

well i use oxi clean all the time and it sucks! it doesn't take out any of my stains at all! if i were u i wouldn't buy oxi clean i would by tide........ now that really works:)

Is billy from oxi clean dead?

He is dead sorry.

What is in Oxi Clean?

Oxi clean is a stain remover for clothing. I wouldn't buy it ( my opinion) because it doesn't work . Really. I tried about 5 times on my clothing and it didn't work.

How do you clean pet stain on bamboo rug?

Seltzer, coca cola, or oxi clean.

How do you clean crayon marks on the wall?

Buy Oxi Clean sponges and spray.And scrub.

How do you get mustard out of a colored shirt?


How can you Remove pen marks from wooden furniture?

with oxi clean

How do you get nail polish out of dark carpet?

Possibly oxi clean?

What was the guy from the oxi clean commercials name?

the oxy clean guy was named billy mayes

Did the oxi clean guy die?

Yes Billy maze died

Best was to remove lipstick from clothes?

TryOxi-Clean. I got lipstick on my clothes, and Oxi-Clean worked!

How do you get really bad dirt stains out of carpet?

use oxi clean ♫

What should you use to clean your deck with?

bleach,oxi bleach,vinegar,pressure washer,clorox,oxy clean

Does oxi clean really works?

yes oxie clean works because i have used it befor and it worked plus billy mays made it you know he always makes good stuff

How do you remove lipstick stain?

you need to use oxi clean or wash it in a washer machine.

What cleans better tide or oxiclean?

Oxi Clean is way better than Tide.