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Can oyster sauce good to mix in dog food?

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Can you mix spaghetti with dog food?

no u can not dogs cant eat the noodles or sauce the meat is good though

What is good for a dog to eat?


What is in a corn dog?

a type of food- saucage cooked differently with any sauce on it

What is the best dog food for German Shephard adults?

Well I myself have a older German Shepard and I feed him dry Ims dog food then I add some dog flavoring sauce, you can get it at any place that has dog food.

Is can dog food really good for dogs?

Yes dog food are good for dog because they are made to increse the health of your dog

Why do dogs like dog food?

Dog food is made specially for dogs. Dog food also contains nutrients for your dog. Be careful ,though,some types of dog food will kill your dog. I saw that on a program:) Good luck on finding good dog food!

Beef good food for dog?

any food that's good and healthy for you is good and healthy for your dog as well

Is it ok for a dog to have milk and cheerios?

No, you should be feeding your dog a good dog food diet, dry food. Make sure it is a good name brand of dog food and not some cheap generic. Cow's milk will cause diarrhea in your dog. A good diet of a good dog food is all that is needed.

Is pedigree as healthy as I ams dog food?

I think that pedigree dog food is good but I wouldn't recemend Iams. I think that pedigree dog food is good but I wouldn't recemend Iams. I think that pedigree dog food is good but I wouldn't recemend Iams. I think that pedigree dog food is good but I wouldn't recemend Iams. I think that pedigree dog food is good but I wouldn't recemend Iams.

Are hamburgers good for a dog?

No kind of human food is good for a dog.

Is pedigree can and dry a good dog food?

Pedigree dog food is a very popular dog food company. Is the can and dry food and good could depend on the taste buds of your dog. Not all dogs like the same food just like humans.

Is a commercial about dog food a good idea?

that is your own opinion, but i say yes indeed it is!If the dog food is good. And if the idea for the commercial is good.

what is the cheapest dog food?

Good day you can send me a mail on twkondo@ g mail. com

Do dogs get sick from eating barbecue?

They can get sick depending on what kind of sauce is on it. If your dog happens to have a bad reaction on the taste of one of the sauces, your dog could be allergic to the sauce. Other than that there would be no harm what so ever to your dog. But you should only feed your dogs dog food. Unless recommended by a vet, but i highly doubt he will recommend any type of sauce.

Is pedigree a good brand of dog food?

Yes, Pedigree is a very good brand of dog food and is used by many people.

Is 0ld roy dog food good as pedigree?

pedigree food is good in all age of dog, my dog is 6 years and he more happly to eat pedigree

Where can reviews on dog food be viewed?

Reviews on dog food can be viewed on the website Dog Food Analysis website. The website has reviews about multiple dog brands and whether they are good or not.

What kind of food can you feed a stray dog in the wintertime?

Feed him or her any type of good name dog food. Why don't you take the dog in for your own? If you cannot keep the dog for your own, then take him or her to your local Animal Shelter where they can try to find a good home for the dog. The dog needs a good shelter from the weather as well as good food and lots of love and care.

Is it good to feed your dog steamed cabbage?

i wouldn't it just doesn't sound good for a dog. just feed the dog dog food

What Do Dogs Eat Besides Dog Nuts?

dog food, dog treats, human food, trash anything that smells good to them

What kind of dog food is best for dachshunds?

Costco gourmet dog food, good as blue buffalo

The dog's food have weevils?

Take the dog food back to wherever you purchased it from. Buy a good name brand dog food, not some cheap generic brand. Dog food should not have weevils in it. Do not feed it to your dog, return it & get a better dog food.

Is black wood dog food the best food for dogs?

I don't really know what 'Black Dog Food' is or how good it its but if you're really that worried about your dog having the best food (which is a good thing) then check with your vet, they will give you an answer that is dependant on what type of dog you have - breed, height, weight.

Is the pride dog food good dog food?

Pride dog food isn't good dog food. If you look on the ingredients you'll see chicken by - product which isn't real chicken, it also has corn and a lot of it because it's high up on the list, there's also a gluten which isn't good for dogs. I would say it's not good for dogs.

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