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There are a number of factors that can lead to anÊincrease in Êblood pressure, pain is one of them. It Êcan rise it terribly.

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Can foot pain increase blood pressure?

Any kind of pain will usually increase blood pressure (temporarily). This is normal.

Can shingles cause high blood pressure?

Shingles are painful and pain stresses the body which in turn can increase blood pressure, can they directly increase it? Uncertain.

When you cut off your finger does your blood pressure increase?

The pain and the stress from the injury can result in a temporary increase in blood pressure. But if it's not tended to immediately and the blood loss stopped, it can result in a drop in blood pressure. This drop can sometimes be severe.

What is an increased blood pressure?

The increase in Blood Pressure is the increase of pressure on the wall of blood capillaries by blood

Does hemorrhaging increase blood pressure?

hemorrhaging does not increase blood pressure.

Will pain increase blood sugar level?

will pain increase blood sugar level?

What can you take to increase blood pressure?

One can drink coffee to increase blood pressure. Raid breathing can also increase blood pressure.

Does vasopressin increase blood pressure?

yea,by retention water ,it increase blood volume,which ultimately increase blood pressure..

Does blood pressure increase or decrease with increased blood viscosity?

Does blood pressure increase or decrease with increased blood viscosity? increased blood viscosity increases blood pressure. :)

Can pain medication increase blood pressure?

Go to and search on the name of the medication. It will list all the possible side effects. If elevated blood pressure is in the list, you have your answer. Phil

Does your blood pressure increase when your blood volume increase?


How can chest infections affect blood pressure?

Any sort of illness, infection, or pain can affect the blood pressure. When the body is fighting an infection or other illness, the biological responses of the body typically cause an increase in the blood pressure.

What does heart-rate have to do with blood pressure?

An increase in heart rate leads to an increase in blood pressure.

How would increasing the amount of water in blood affect blood pressure?

Blood pressure would increase

Why is there an increase in systolic blood pressure during exercise?

why systolic blood pressure increase during exercise systolic pressure and exercese

Does physical training increase blood pressure?

The blood pressure will increase during physical training, but it won't make you a person with high blood pressure permanently.

How do you increase your blood pressure if blood pressure is low?

180 over80

How does pain affect vital signs?

Generally pain will cause blood pressure and the pulse to increase. In my experience respirations will decrease due to patients holding their breath

What are the factors affecting peripheral resistance which influence BP?

The three factors that influence peripheral resistance are blood viscosity, blood vessel length, and blood vessel diameter. Increase in blood viscosity causes an increase in blood pressure. Increase in blood vessel length causes in increase in blood pressure. Increase in blood vessel diameter causes a decrease in blood pressure.

Does blood volume influence blood pressure?

Increasing the blood volume will increase the return to the heart which will increase the cardiac output. Increased cardiac output increase s blood pressure.

How does peripheral resistance affect the blood pressure?

If you increase the total peripheral resistance then the arterial blood pressure will increase.

Why does blood pressure increase when weight increases?

Blood pressure increase as weight increase because of raised sodium levels and thickening of the arteries.

Does arteriosclerosis increase or decrease blood pressure?


Does being scared have an effect on blood pressure?

Yes; it will increase the blood pressure.

How does stress affects the blood pressure?

Stress is a source of increase for blood pressure.

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