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Can papaya sap be used as glue?

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yes,because sap is so sticky and you can make it a glue

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How can you prove that a papaya sap can be used as glue?

because papaya sap is so sticky and you can make it a glue

How can papaya sap be glue?

because papaya sap is so sticky it serves as a glue and by the time it dries the two thing you have use to glue together are totally stuck together.

Can papaya sap be glue?

No, it can't, not sticky enough.

Caimito sap as a glue?

It's possible that caimito sap could be used as glue. If you can get some caimito sap you should run an experiment to see it will glue two pieces of wood for example.

Can papaya sap be stored?


What is the name of the tree that makes glue out of sap?

You can make tree sap glue from many trees. -Native Indians in the north used pine sap mixed with very finely crushed charcoal for glue. -It works, I've tried it.

What plant has glue in it?

You could say pine trees have glue, their sap is often used in natural glue mixes.

Can sap be used as paste or glue?

It depends on what kind of frut you will use may i suggest the jackfrut....because t has already been proven that jackfruit sap can be used as glue

What is the process of making a glue out of jackfruit sap?

Put the sap in a glue processor

How can be papaya as a glue?

you can't

How do you make a jackfruit sap into glue?

we can make a glue out of jackfruit because ....its sap is very sticky so ...we can make it as a glue.

Procedures of how to make glue using star apple sap?

procedures of star apple sap as glue

What is the use of sap?

Some saps can be used in cooking, also used as glue in certain countries.

How do you make glue for wood?

You can possibly make glue for wood if you used pine sap and charcoal. The north American Indians did this.

What is tree sap used for?

some tree sap can be sued as medicine. some can be used as glue. i even hear that some tree sap can burn and persist for a long time and the local resident as illumination.

What makes star apple sap sticky?

Most tree or vegetable sap is sticky. That is why many primitive cultures used these saps as a base for glue.

How do you make a glue paste?

Mix some pine sap with crushed charcoal and you will have an excellent glue paste just like Indians used to make.

How flammable is glue?

Depends on which glue. Most are not flammable. Some made with tree sap are.

Name the tree that gives glue out of its sap?

Some pine trees do that.

What is the white glue like substance at the base of your mimosa tree?

It is the sap of the tree and could possibly be used as the base for a simple glue if mixed with the right ingredients.

Was glue ever made from tree sap?

Yes, native people all over the world had glues from tree-sap. The north American Indians added crushed charcoal to pine sap to make a glue.

What is the glue on pine trees?

The glue in pine trees is sap. This sap has been made into glue by native Indians for centuries. To make pine sap glue as the Indians and pioneers did, melt the pine sap in a small can or tin over a campfire. Leave room in the tin for some crushed charcoal (make this from the remains of yesterdays campfire) Mix crushed charcoal into about 3 times as much hot pine sap and you now have glue that will stick many things.) Even though the remains will harden, each time you melt them you will have usable glue again. -Good camping.

When and how was glue first made?

Glue was possibly made first by American Indians from pine sap and charcoal.

What is the contents of the star apple sap that can be made as glue that its latex's adhesiveness is enough to be made as glue?

it is sticky.

How do you get glue from trees?

Slice the side of the tree then wait for about 24 hours to get sap and use it to make glue.