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Can parents stop a father from seeing the babyin the state of Alabama?


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The father does not have his own home for the child on visitation,what to do?

Not if he has a court order for visitation.

Visitation can be at the mothers house or where the father lives. If he does not have a place to live they can still see each other but not over night visits.

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It is assumed the parents are not married. The father must establish his paternity and request a visitation order. Once the court issued the visitation order the mother must obey it.

Whatever his folks say his rights are. If he hasn't been emancipated, he has no rights to the child. That's why you don't pick an underage father for your child.

Your parents do have some legal right to keep the father away from the baby because of your age but they must have some kind of proff proving that this is in the best intrest of the child.

If your parents are divorced and you no longer wish to see your father, you can stop seeing him at whatever age you wish. However, there may be a court case involved due to legal guardian issues.

Not if she is a minor. She is only emancipated regarding her baby and her own health. The father has a legal right to see his child but not the mother until she is 18. Parents have the right to decide who their minor is seeing.

only if the child's father is a rapist or abductive

if the parents or parent is in jail for 4 months or longer at one time it is abandonment.

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Yes, they can. Once the baby is born he can seek visitation rights to the child in court, but he only has rights to see the child, not the mother.

Can a mother still keep her child from seeing the father even if he doesn't pay child support?"

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If you're in the US... If the child is a minor (under 18), absolutely the adoptive parents can restrict them from seeing the biological parents (who have no legal rights to the child whatsoever). Once the child becomes an adult, they can see/have contact with whoever they choose.

A mother cannot stop a father from seeing his child unless a court has ordered that he not be allowed to see them. The mother can be held in contempt of court if she doesn't allow visitation.

My father did and now my parents are fighting all over again about the same thing, But sometimes they don't come back because they feel better alone with either someone else theyr'e seeing or they might go live with their parents it depends.

Only in cases of illegitimate births. Well, the mother can take the child but she can't stop the child from seeing the father. the child deserves to see the father in their life. The father can also take the child back and the parents can share time with the child. Or the child can make his/her own decision to live with the mother or father.

Well if you mean the parents of the 16 yr old, then yes they can. They can also charge the boy with statutory rape.========================= In the UK they can't. The legal age for sex is 16 yrs of age, therefore the parents of the 16 year old can not legally do anything.

If you are biologically the father of the baby and have not custody charges against you, no matter what her family says, you are allowed to see your child whenever you want. And just because you're a teen doesn't restrict you from seeing your child. Congrats on who ever the daddy is!

No she can not. If you have a custody agreement you can only change it by going to court. You pay support for the child so they have food on the table etc, not so the child will have access to his father. He has the right to see his parents anyway.

No. Only a court can prevent a mother from seeing her children.No. Only a court can prevent a mother from seeing her children.No. Only a court can prevent a mother from seeing her children.No. Only a court can prevent a mother from seeing her children.

Not normally unless your father dies of some terribly infectious disease.

By seeing whether the mother or father is dominate. The children will inherit whatever the parents have.It's called genetics.

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