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Can parents tap cell phones?


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Not directly - but whomever is paying for your cell service has access to see all of the incoming and outgoing phone numbers listed by date, time, and duration of call.


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They get a signed warrant from a judge to tap phones/cell phones. They have to prove to the judge that there is reasonable cause to do this before they can get the warrant. Under the Homeland Protection Act some of the protections against tapping phones are weaker than they use to be so it is easier to get the warrant.

Kids ARE allowed to have cell phonesAnother Answer:It depends on the parents and on the child's behavior.

Tapping a phone line requires a warrant.

high schools should not ban cell phones because then the children would not be able to communicate with their parents

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It would be illegal for an employer or anyone else to tap your cell phone since lawfully there is no law on tapping cell phones. However the technology is readily available for them to tap your cell phone, but they can't legally use it against you.

i think cell phones should be allowed in school. because if you get hurt you could call your parents or even 911.

To contact parents in case of an emergency. To get direct calls. To have a pocket organizer. Parents can contact you.

Well I got my first cell phone when I was 8. So you have to talk to your parents about that.

Because - you're in school to LEARN - not play with your phone !... If your parents need to contact you in school time, they can phone the school to get a message to you. If the school needs to contact your parents - they will have a list of numbers where your parents can be reached.

There are cell phones for seniors. Most seniors prefer cell phones with limited options. The best cell phones for senior citizens can be found at

You won't. This information is not public record and is never released. Unless you are conducting criminal activity in which they might be interested you have nothing to worry about.

Don't know, maybe you should ask your parents.

yes because they can now if they are in danger

Tell your parents if you want to be picked from school and then you won't need a cell phone

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1. Students are often distracted using their cell phones in class 2. Cell phones help with investigative research and homework 3. Cell phones enable students to communicate with parents at home. 4. It helps them make friends and gives information using the social network apps which are supported by the cell phones. Thank you

Some Do Some Don't. It matters How Old The Children Are.

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you shouldn't :) but some parents give their children cell phones so they can communicate with them or if theres an emergency..

A cell phone can be considered as a very important device for children nowadays to ensure their safety when they are away from their parents or guardians. Through cell phones, parents can easily connect to their children to update about their whereabouts; hence, lessening their worries. This is the very reason why there are now cell phones that are especially designed to adder the needs of children such as the ones that feature simple operation and SOS button.

Some of the pros on cell phones is the fact that you can get in touch with someone at all times if you need to. They enable parents and children to stay in touch when they are apart. They are very convenient. Cons on cell phones include that people spend so much time texting, talking, and playing games on their cell phones that they ignore the people around them.

You can place and receive calls with both cell phones and landline phones.

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