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Not that I ever heard of. If fact, that is the recommended method of parking your vehicle, in gear, with emergency brake on. Now if you were to park the car for several years without moving it, the parts would probably rust together, but the clutch would still be good.

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Q: Can parking in gear cause long-term damage or wear to the clutch on a manual transmission?
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What could be wrong if transmission fluid is black?

Transmission fluid is burnt. I recommend taking it to a transmission shop to have it flushed and your transmission checked for any damage such as worn bands, worn clutch or torque converter

My Mazda b2500 makes loud rattling sound when i push the clutch in to shift into first gear why?

The clutch trow out bearing has failed Change the clutch before it explodes and does serious damage to the transmission.

If a car was parked and another car pushed it a couple of yards could this cause same damage to the drivetrain?

Depend on whether it is automatic or manual and if you had the car in gear. If automatic, your parking pin in the transmission may have broken. If manual, yes something in the clutch or gears may be damaged. IMO, if your park is still working, then no damage has been done. Pushing the car 6ft would not damage either the gears or clutch on a manual, and the only damage that could be done to an A/T would be to break the Park Pall.

Will it damage the automatic transmission in a dump truck if you dig out of it with an excavator?

Possibly, if you are being aggressive with the excavator, setting the parking brake would take tension off the transmission though.

Does the transmission need to rebuilt if there is coolant in it?

yes the water in the coolant will dissolve the clutch material inside the transmission and then the rebuild will cost you more money then it would to fix it now before any additional damage is done.

when i go up a hill the transmission feels like it is sliping?

Your clutch might be going out if the transmission seems to be slipping. I would advise bringing your car to a garage before further damage or even an accident results.

Do drugs damage your immune system?

NO some drugs can damage it over longterm use but most drugs will only reduce it temporarily while you are influenced.

What longterm complications can result from food poisoning is it rheumatoid arthritis or kidney disease or nerve damage?


What is the cable located right under the Ford Taurus right under the drivers car door?

That is the parking brake cable. It runs to the rear wheels to engage the parking brake whenever the pedal is depressed. Be sure to use the parking brake whenever you park your vehicle to prevent rust in the parking brake cable and to prevent damage to your Automatic Transmission

What if your 1991 infiniti is stuck in 3rd gear what could be the problem?

manual or automatic? if a manual a broken or damaged shift fork could be the issue or a clutch not releasing, running or not when trying to shift? if it's automatic, a shift solenoid or a transmission servo may be sticking or mechanical damage may be present such as a clutch pack or drum damage.

Can clutch burn out damage flywheel?


If I keep using the clutch start cancel button on my Toyota Tacoma will I damage the truck?

Using the clutch start cancel button on a Toyota Tacoma will damage the truck. Damage can occur to the starter and eventually the engine.

Will low transmission fluid damage the transmission?

Yes, it can.

Can't get your car in gear?

If it is an automatic transmission, make sure the car is started if it is in Park or Neutral, and press the brake pedal in as far as it can go. If the car is stuck in a gear other than neutral or park, DO NOT START IT. It will damage your engine and your transmission. Call a tow truck. If it is a manual, press in the break pedal and the clutch pedal fully, and try to put it in gear. If it doesn't go, then put it in neutral, release the clutch, press in the clutch again, and try to put it in gear. If none of this works, have your transmission serviced.

Where is the clutch of a go kart?

The clutch of a go kart is much the same as the clutch on a car. The clutch disengages the engine from the gearbox enabling the gear to be changed. Without a clutch gear changing would be difficult and may damage the gearbox.

Can a bad torque converter damage your transmission?

No a bad convrter can not damage your transmission however it will make your vehicale run rough

What is the best way to avoid crashing into something while parking?

The best remedy is to learn how to drive properly. Second, install rear parking sensors. Rear parking sensors protect from damage to the vehicle and harm to people, rear parking sensors also protect drivers and others from property damage.

Will a rear transmission seal leak cause any damage to clutch components or harm to the transmission if replaced soon and there is still fluid in the transmission?

It depends on how much fluid leaked from your transmission. 2 quarts would probably be considered ok. anything more, the transmission might start to slip intermitantly and cause internal problems. Mac's Transmissions Houston, TX 281-743-1000

If your vehicle was damaged while in parking gear and the insurance company refuses to pay for transmission damage what recourse does one have?

Are you asking about transmission problems that someone hit you while in park? Or that you didnt have money to fix it and asked the insurance company to help? If its the first scenario, you will need proof that the damage done to your transmission was a direct result from that accident. If its the second one, your insurance doesnt have to pay anything, as that's what warranties are for, not insurance policies.

How do you CHANGE CLUTCH in a 89 S-10 BLAZER 4WD?

If you're talking about the pressure plate and clutch plate, you need to remove the transfer case and transmission. If you have a substantial enough transmission jack, you can remove the t-case, transmission, and bell housing all as one unit. If not, you'll need to remove each component individually. Once you've got the bell housing off, you replace the clutch plate and pressure plate. While you're at it, you should replace the pilot bearing and throwout bearing, as well, and inspect your clutch fork for damage, and replace if needed. Once you put the clutch plate and pressure plate back on, it's absolutely imperative that you torque them to specification. Once all that's done, you put the bell housing, transmission, and t-case back on, then reconnect your driveshafts.

Why does your manual transmission car jerk while in gear?

Assuming it is not driver error there are two possibilities. Either the clutch is slipping under higher torque delivery and causing the vehicle to buck, or the transmission is damaged internally. If it is a clutch issue it's only a matter of time until the clutch fails, but make sure there is no oil or brake fluid on the clutch disk - this will damage the new part as well. The easiest way to tell if it is internal damage is to look for debris in the fluid - try draining the fluid through a coffee filter. A little metal shaving discharge is normal, but any larger particles indicate a problem.

What happens if you have too much transmission fluid?

The vent location on automatic transmissions has to be located very high in order to keep fluid from leaking out on an incline! The vent is for air not transmission fluid. Both a high or low level can cause transmission damage! Low fluid levels cause the transmission pump to cavitate and can damage many components including the transmission pump, clutches/bands, torque converter, and valve body/governor. High fluid levels can cause dragging drive clutches and lock-up torque converter clutch. The clutches drag because the fluid level is above the exhaust passages in the valve body and the spinning clutch drums or torque converter causes fluid to siphon back into the clutch drums from centrifugal force. Valve body exhaust passages are located above the fluid level to break the siphoning effect. Very high transmission fluid levels cause churning of the fluid when it contacts the clutch drums and planetary gear sets and can foam so much that fluid runs out of the air vent. If transmission fluid comes out of the air vent.

What would cause your van to go in limp mode 2 days after it overheated?

Possible transmission damage due to the overheating.Possible transmission damage due to the overheating.

What can cause damage to your rotors?

Leaving the parking brake on while you drive

What can be Transmission problem with 1997 Audi a6?

Reasons behind the the common transmission problem of 1997 Audi A6 are:Faulty torque converter clutchTorque converter needle bearings failureUnsafe level of transmission fluidSolenoid damage can affect the fluid flow through the transmission

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