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Q: Can part time kohls employees have a second job?
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Where can one get Kohls coupons?

One can get Kohls coupons from the local newspapers. Kohls also release promotional coupon codes from time to time that can be used for purchases from Kohls.

Are part time employees entitled to health insurance?

Typically, companies do not give health benefits to part-time employees.

Part time employees entitled to be paid on legal holidays?

It depends totally on company policy. Generally, part-time employees do not enjoy the same things as full time employees.

Can part time employees get unemployment?

I No one still employed, FT or PT can get unemployment. Some states allow former part time workers to get UI benefits under some circumstances.

What are the laws regarding benefits for part time employment?

Part time employees generally do not get any benefits, thats for full time employees. There are not any laws regarding benefits for part time workers.

How many state employees in Alaska?

According to the Wall Street Journal, there are 16,000 full-time employees and 13,000 part-time employees.

Do part time employees of Sears get health insurance?

yes--as of 6/2012, Sear's part-time employees are eligible to enroll for health insurance.

Do you have to have workers comp for family employees?

do you have to have workers comp for family part time employees?

Does an employer have to offer health insurance to part time employees?


Can part time employees work one week and not the next?


What does Walmart start their employees out with?

Part-time, and minimum wage.

Do part time employees get health benefits at Panera bread?


Do 14 year old part time workers get employee benefits?

Most part time employees don't receive employee benefits. Many employers hire part time employees to avoid giving benefits. It is cheaper for them.

Do part time employees get health insurance under ObamaCare?

Obama's health care plan does not require employers to extend health insurance benefits to part-time employees.

Do unemployment taxes have to be paid by someone who only has part time employees?

Yes, you have employees, so you pay.

What discount do Bebe employees get?

Part Time Bebe Employees get 40% off of in-store purchases only, Bebe employees do not get discounts on the website.

Do part time employees get a discount at Discount tire?

Ask the manager.

Do part time employees get coffee break?

Yes, I think so......

Does Home Depot offer insurance to part time employees?

Yes they do.

Can contractors supervise full time employees?

If that is part of their job function

Are there benefits for part-time employees at Kmart?

Yes, but they are limited plans.

Have any part time employees received World Series rings?


Do part time employees for market basket get the abreavement pay?


What time does Kohls open the day after Christmas?

6AM in your local time

Do equal opprtunity rules apply to part time or volunteer workers?

Title VII applies ONLY to paid full- and part-time employees and applicants in workforces of 15 or more employees.