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Q: Can pediasure be bought with a ebt card?
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How do you unlock card ebt card?

how do I unlock my Connecticut ebt card

Can you use your Ohio EBT card in Tennessee?

Your EBT card, per the agent that I reached by calling the number on the back of the card, stated the EBT card can be used anywhere in the US that accepts the EBT card.

How do you unlock your ebt card?

how do I unlock my Connecticut ebt card

Can you use a Tennessee EBT card in WI?

You can use EBT cards anywhere as long the EBT card's still active.

How do you know if your ebt card has been sent out?

has my ebt card been mailed out

Can I use my ebt card at ikea?

Can II use my ebt card at IKEA

If you use a E B T card and cash for a purchase of groceries can you get a cash refund on one item Does it have to be refunded to E B T card even if cash was also used for the item in question?

hi, I also have an ebt card, it has to be refunded to the ebt card, there's another way to get around this, return the items that u bought on your ebt card without the receipt, if the store accepts returns without a receipt like walmart then they will refund you with a giftcard or cash depending on the amount. just say u lost the receipt, but use the receipt first to refund the rest on what u bought by cash.... then, return the ebt purchases without a receipt the next day or two...

Does albertson's take ebt card?

Yes, they accept ebt card (food stamp)

How long does it take Colorado to mail out ebt card?

does ebt card come in mail

Can you buy a wedding cake with your ebt card?

No. YES YOU CAN! I purchase birthday cakes all the time with EBT. I even bought a $300 wedding cake with some! Maybe it depends on the state you live in.

Can a florida ebt card be used in Maryland?

Yes. An EBT Card is a government issued card that can be used in any state.

Can you use your AZ ebt card in Nevada?

I haveused my AZ ebt card in nevada, and no problemswhatsoever

Can you use your ohio ebt card in michigan?

Yes. The EBT card can be used in all fifty states.

Can you use your massachusetts ebt card in arizona?

yea u can use an EBt card anywhere in the U.S.

What food can you buy with ebt card in New Jersey?

Can u buy coffee filters with Ebt card

Can you use your Iowa ebt card in the state of Maine?

The EBT program is actually a Federal program under the USDA, and administered by the respective states. As such, you can use any EBT card in any state. You can use an Alaska EBT card in Florida, a California EBT card in Maine, and every state in between. Hope this helps!

Can you use your ebt card in Mexico?

can i use my nebraska ebt at wallmart in mexico

Can I use My Philadelphia Access EBT food stamp card in new jersey?

Yes! You can use your EBT card in any state, at any store that accepts EBT.

Can you buy a decorated cake with an ebt card?

No =============================== Whoever said no...that is NOT true. I bought both my children's birthday cakes with my EBT card this past year and yes, they were decorated. If you're concerned about it though, just don't have them put any of the plastic characters or anything like that on it, but my daughter's cake had barbie light up toys on it and EBT covered it.

Do ebt card users in alabama have to pay sales tax?

are taxes charged when buying food with an ebt card

Does Gordon food services accept ebt card?

Don't know if all locations do or not but their website does state that they do accept the ebt card

Does in and out burger accept ebt cards?

No. You can NOT use an Ebt card to buy hot food.

Can you use the Florida EBT card in Puerto Rico?

Can I use my EBT food card in Puerto Rico, .

Can you get cash from a California ebt card?

Yes, if you have cash aid benefits on your EBT card. See

Which store accept ebt card?

are lunds store accept the ebt cards