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Can people eat dog food?

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2010-04-05 18:03:15

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Yes, humans CAN eat dog food. It is not advisable, however,

because dog food is often made with various "filler" that is not as

strictly regulated as human food. Which raises the question "should

I feed my dog, dog food?" If you are worried about it, Blue Buffalo

brand is advisable or any other comparable organic brand... for you

and your dog.

i think it would not be okay to eat dog food but if it

organic it would make it healthier for you and your dog although

humans actually can eat dog food.

Personally I wouldn't eat dog food that is just


But you can also get sick or pass away and you be stupid to

eat dog food so don't.

Dogs can also eat people food but then you have to ask what

foods you can give and the ones you cant and having a dog is lots

of resembled so ask your mom and dad if you are under 18.

Remember always go to

""> if

you have any qustion :)

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