Can people have black eyes?


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I am assuming you mean the color of a person's eyes. No, the pupils (the small dot in the middle of the eye) is black, and people can have a deep brown/black color, but not totally black.

Heroes on NBCOn a show on NBC by the name of Heroes, there is a girl whose eyes go completely black, crying black tears, and those who threaten her die, though her brother can stop her, changing her back to normal. One lady in the show said that she could even kill the devil himself, though that is not realistically possible, as this whole scenario is science fictional, as the show Heroes is science fictional.

This is a reference to the Hispanic/Latino story about a folktale called La Llorona, about a woman who always cries about her dead children that she drowned.

And no, it is not possible to have black eyes, but albinos do exist, and there are a lot of many different kinds of albinos.

^^ Whoever wrote this is stupid, i know for a fact you can have black eyes

I have black eyes so it is possible but I guess it must be rare ^^you can have very, very, VERY dark brown eyes.


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Actually, people can have brown eyes. The people that have black eyes have rare eyes. Not all people know that people have black eyes because they're so rare.If someone told you that black eyes don't exist, do not believe them. remember this and you'll know this.

Yes. I am black and I have green eyes. I am not Biracial either.

because they are samalians

People have black eyes normally

Yes, people with black hair can have blue eyes; that's whether the hair is truly black or dyed, or whether the eyes are truly blue or artificial.

not necessarily. But most of them do. NOt every black person has brown eyes

Black eyes aren't really black, they are actually a very dark brown, so technically, it is impossible to have black eyes. unless your talking about the the bruise yes people can have a black eye bruise

Don't know the answer but can anyone have purple eyes?

Yes. A black eye is nothing more than a bruise.

Sometimes, if a parent or grandparent had blue eyes.

The best contact lenses for black people with brown eyes are the Solotica Hidrocharme colored contact lenses.

Yes people can have grey eyes. Infact I have grey eyes. There is also such thing as having violet eyes, red eyes, and black eyes, but this depends on the amount of light in one room.

Most people of African descent have brown eyes. Only a very small percentage might have blue eyes.

Yes he does , in matter of fact all black people have black/brown eyes , unless they get contacts..;)

olive-tan skin, dark eyes (dark brown or black eyes), large eyes with a double eyelid, black hair, short stature. Indonesian people look like a mix between Chinese people and Cambodian people.

Brown, as most black people.

Yes, what that person said is rubbish, it depends on genes, if one parent was white with blue eyes and black with brown eyes, there is a possibility that if they had two children, both black one would have blue eyes, so yes, anyone can have any logical eye colour, black people can have any eye colour, but it is quite rare for it to happen.

The rarest eye color is purple

people who have a black or mixed race family

same way as anyone else

Boys have black eyes. Girls have red eyes.

Black eyes aren't really black, they are actually a very dark brown, so technically, it is impossible to have black eyes.

No humans can not have back eyes . Only blue , brown , and green. Iris atrophy, a rare condition, will leave some people with a lack of irises, which will give the impression of black eyes.

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