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As a person grows older, their hearing usually becomes worse, and they have a more difficult time hearing high frequency sounds. There is no relation to a specific age as this inability to hear high frequency sounds is affected by the kinds of sounds that a person's hearing is subjected to.

Hearing damage is greatly increased by loud noises and loud music.

Hearing damage can also cause a person to hear noise that is not actually there. This type of damage is called 'tinnitus'. It can sound like a ringing in the ears that never goes away, and is most noticeable when in a quiet room.

Hearing protection should be used to prevent hearing loss and tinnitus from loud noises and loud music.

There are several ways to reduce hearing damage.

-Reduce the level of the noise

-Reduce the amount of time that you are exposed to the noise

-Use hearing protection to reduce the loudness of the noise

-Increase your distance away from the noise

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Q: Can people over 40 hear dog whistles?
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Can some people hear dog whistles?


Can certain people hear dog whistles?


Can a cat hear the dog whistle?

Yes; dogs are not the only animals who can hear "dog" whistles. The dog whistles give off a frequency that is just above what most people can hear; most animals with hearing more accute than humans' can hear a dog whistle.

What other animals can hear dog whistles?


Can humans hear dog whistles?

Most humans can't, however as dog whistles are just above the TYPICAL range for human hearing, a few can. All humans that can hear dog whistles have hearing ranges that are slightly above normal. Many of these people are young, mostly kids, as humans naturally loose portions of their hearing as they age. Most have lost the ability to hear this range by the completion of puberty. Some other sounds that people that hear dog whistles will typically hear are the driver circuitry on an old CRT based TV, charging circuits for strobes, failing hard drives...

Why do dog owners use a whistle they cant hear?

We can not hear dog whistles because they are far too high pitch (they are out of our hearing range). However, dogs can hear this and they respond to it as if it was a regular whistle, returning to their owner or turning their attention back to the owner. Dog whistles are also designed not to annoy other people.

Why can dogs hear dog whistles and humans can't?

Dogs can hear dog whistles because their hearing frequency is higher than human beings.

Can giraffes hear dog whistles?


Why cant you hear a dog whistle?

Dogs have a broader frequency range than humans. The dog whistle is a very high frequency. Women can hear higher frequencies than men. Some women can hear dog whistles. Men generally cannot hear dog whistles.

Why don't you hear a dog whistle properly?

you can't hear a dog whistle because it whistles with a frequency of 22,000Hz, which basically means that the sound wave a dog makes when it whistles vibrates 22,000 times per second, but the highest sounds humans can hear are sounds with a frequency of 20,000Hz.

Do Dog Whistles harm a dogs hearing?

It shouldn't provided it is used properly. A dog whistle is a whistle that produces a pitch that is too high for most people to hear, but most dogs can hear. However, if you blow the dog whistle in the dog's ear, yes it will hurt the dog's hearing.

Can cats hear dog whistles?

Yes they can, but they may not give any indication that they do.

Do all animals hear sounds in the same way as humans?

No, dogs can hear high pitched sound which we can't, they can hear dog whistles.

Why do dog owners use whistles that we can't hear?

So then people do not get confused and end up thinking the the one who blew the wistle wanted there attention

Why can't adults hear dog whistles?

the older you are the more your range of hearing decreases. adults can't hear the dog whistle because the pitch is so high.

Why can dogs hear the dog whistle?

Dog whistles produce a noise in a frequency higher than what humans can hear. However, dogs can hear this noise - they are able to hear noises that are pitched higher that what a human ear can pick up.

How come humans can't hear dog whistle?

Dog whistles create a sound with such a high pitch that humans can't hear it. However, dogs can hear higher pitched sounds than humans can, so they can hear a dog whistle. They are useful when training dogs.

Can horses hear Dog whistles?

Depending on what type of dog whistle, they probably can hear at least some of the sound frequencies. Although I know of no research on this particular subject it is entirely likely that they can.

Can you hear a dog whistle if you blow on it really hard?

"no because a dog whistles frequency is so high that no person can hear it no matter how hard you blow" You could possibly hear some sound... most dog whistles work in the range of 16-22 kHz and the human hearing range tops out around 20kHz so if your hearing is very good it may be possible to hear the whistle's lower frequencies.

What places sell silent dog whistles?

Dog whistles inflict pain upon the dog with their high frequency noise. The use of dog whistles in dog training is cruel and archaic.

Why can dogs hear dog whistles?

dogs can here whistles because of they have really good ears dogs can hear because of good ears it's so high sometimes if it's high enough humans can't hear it but some times dogs might not react to

Why can a dog hear whistles that human can't hear?

for dogs their ears are made for hearing miles away for hunting.wolves are the same thing they hear miles away so they can her a deer or something.

Does a dog whistle make a sound?

Yes it does. The reason it doesn't seem like it is that dogs hear in a wider range than humans, and dog whistles are pitched so high that we can't hear them.

Why are dog whistles useful in training dogs?

Because dogs can hear higher than humans, so it attracts there attention.

Can all animals hear the same sound?

All animals have different sensitivities of hearing. Different animals hear different sounds. Like a dog. A dog has one of the most sensitive hearing levels. That's what dog whistles were meant to do. They were supposed to make it so humans can't hear it but dogs can.