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People can predict if a volcano will erupt but not when it will erupt.


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Scientists cannot predict when a volcano will next erupt.

No. Although scientists can monitor signs that a volcano is getting ready to erupt they are nowhere near predicting the day a volcano will erupt. They might not even be able to predict the month or even the year that it will erupt.

It is impossible to predict when a volcano will next erupt.

When a volcano is active it will erupt. These volcanoes might take many years to erupt but will still erupt.

scientists wil know when with their good machines

They can't, volcanoes can erupt at any time

Yes and no. Humans have been able to link certain signs and events to volcano's and we are able to predict that a volcano will erupt but not to a specific date, we can only say that in 1 - 100000 ( 100000 years being the limit of our prediction abilities) years this volcano "could" erupt.

what happen if a volcano erupts under the sea

There is just about always a volcano erupting somewhere in the world. It is impossible to predict exactly when a given volcano will erupt, especially since many are not closely monitored.

It will be destroyed and will also be covered with larva.

large amounts of activity and belive it or not u can predict where a volcano will erupt by looking for where plants are growing best because of the release of carbon

To gather scientific data from the crater that could help scientist predict when a Volcano will erupt and get the word out sooner.

It is impossible to predict the next time a volcano will erupt.

They will have lava come out from the volcano

It is impossible to predict when a volcano will next erupt. As of July 2014 Kilauea is eupting now and has been doing so since 1983.

scientists can predict volcanic eruptions by using a seismograph. But that is just one method they,Kiera

It is impossible to predict when or where the next major volcanic eruption will occur.

there is no way to predict a volcano's eruption times and the closest people could woudl be scientists and they can't predict it yet.

What causes a volcano to erupt? Depending on the type and duration of the eruption lava and or tephra can pile up to make a volcano. What happens when volcanoes erupt? When it reaches the top, it explodes from the cone of the volcano. The pressure of the gases in the magma causes the volcano to erupt.Science & Technology at Scientific Ask the Experts ... What causes a volcano to erupt and how do scientists predict eruptions? Bob Abram, MOLTEN ROCK, or magma, and gasses spew from the mouth of a volcano in more

virtually it is impossible for the scientists to predict when the next eruption will happen

The volcano wil erupt soon. The volcano is about to erupt!

We humans are interested in all aspects of the world in which we live, including volcanoes. Also to find out whether it is active or dormant and to predict when it will erupt.

when it starts getting warm and bubbling up and then about week later it would erupt.

An active volcano can erupt at anytime.

A volcano can maybe erupt again.

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