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Can people with autism live happy married lives and have children?

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2016-07-22 15:08:00

In short, yes we Autistic people can live happy married lives

and have children.

Most Autistic people I know are married and do have children, some

are married to other Autistic people whereas some are married to

allistic people. Being Autistic does not stop us from forming

romantic relationships or from being able to care for our


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2012-10-28 16:47:08

I think that this story about a couple with Autism will provide

a lot of insight regarding relationships between individuals who

have autism...

"Living and Loving With Autism - A Very Special Love Story"

Here's the link:

To learn more about this topic, there are many additional

resources and articles to be found under the category "Sexuality

and Relationships" on

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