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Can perimenopause cause high blood pressure?

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Yes it is possible because a woman's hormones are over the top during this time. They can become very agitated and moody and a once calm woman can become her own monster. Doctors use to ignore perimenopause and menopause in women and wouldn't even admit men went through a type of menopause called ANDROPAUSE. Women of today can start into their perimenopause (spuratic periods) and menopause (no periods) as young as 35. A trauma of any sort can send a woman directly into menopause at this age or even getting a childhood disease such as chicken pox or measels. Women got little help and now there is HRT (hormone replacement) to help with some of the nasty side effects from perimenopause and menopause that some women have to go through. However, HRT should be the last resort because long term use has been linked to Heart disease, Breast cancer and blood clots. Homeopathic medicine is making great strides in Canada as far as helping women in perimenopause and menopause and it's worth a shot. If the process is too slow and the woman is becoming too depressed or can't function in her daily life it's best to go conventional medicine and work closely with your doctor. Doctors are behind the times on perimenopause and menopause and are always discovering something new that can happen to a woman's body. My cholesterol reading is up slightly, so I worked with a nurse on this one and we both believe that the slight rise in the cholesterol readings in women going through perimenopause and menopause is normal and should be gauged differently than b/f she was going through this change and now we have to figure out if that's the right level before becoming a problem or not. Go onto ASK: ALL ABOUT MENOPAUSE There are some great sites out there and be sure you go on the medical sites. If it would help you also join a chat board and exchange ideas and problems with other women in your position. If you have any further questions please post again. There is an up side to this. Short of having hot flashes, being edgy for most women menopause isn't all that bad and some problems simply can be a state of mind that some women are terrified of growing older and some feel their lives are over. Not true! After menopause your life is just beginning! I know, I've been through it the natural way. Unfortunately my husband is buried out in the back 40 because he wouldn't admit I had put on some weight during this time. LOL Seriously, I printed out everything on perimenopause and menopause and he read it and understood what I was going through and was very helpful during this time of my life. It's important you include either your boyfriend or husband while going through this so they can better understand. TIPS TO HELP YOU FEEL BETTER: Exercise jogging, biking (not on a Harley Davidson either) swimming, etc., is a great way to get those endorfins working and making you feel better. A well balance diet is essential and eating yams is an excellent and natural way to get estrogen. Drink 8 - 10 glasses of water per day (the body can become quickly dehydrated during this time because women have hot flashes and perspire more easily.) Talk about it with your other friends, and learn as much about it as you can so you will realize that perimenopause and menopause is just a part of life for a woman and not much different than starting your periods. It isn't a death sentence! Just think ... no more periods! Take up Tai Chi or Yoga because mind, body and soul is most important at this stage of your life. Many women become authors, go back to college and take up extra courses, travel more, may change jobs or get a job and become much more independent and life can be much more thrilling than it was before. Drinking too much caffeine (and this includes pop) and alcohol can bring on hot flashes so if you want to indulge be prepared for a few more hot flashes. Hot flashes can be calmed down by simply putting a cold cloth on the back of your neck (cools down the fluids in the spine) and also running the under-sides of your wrists under cold water. TAKE TIME OUT FOR YOURSELF! Go get a nice facial, a body message and if you can't afford the time or money for this treat yourself to a long bubble bath (not too hot) and relax. Do some things you enjoy and have been putting off. Have a sense of humor about your symptoms and joke around with girlfriends that would understand. Here is a true story that happened to me. When I was going through my actual menopause I was as confused as most women and got few answers from doctors and I was grouchy and suddenly looked in the mirror and realized I had become my mother! My mom was a great lady, but was no picnic to be around in later years. My poor husband one night was sitting watching TV and I was trying on some outfits (to see what one fit because I'd put on a few pounds) and we were to go out later that night and I knew I was baiting the poor guy and through steely eyes I said the unforgiveable to him, "Hon, do I look fat in this outfit?" He looked like a cornered deer in front of a car's headlights and I could tell his mind was racing for all it was worth to come up with the correct answer (I knew there was no correct answer) and he said the unforgiveable, "Hon, you look beautiful in anything and I love you no matter what!" Of course I wasn't happy with that answer and I had always known no matter what he said wouldn't console me at this time. I started to cry and I was never one to cry before. I tried very hard after this not to ask him such questions and if I was cranky I would give him the high sign and make myself scarce. LOL All I can say is in the next 5 years it's going to be very interesting in the western culture as there of millions of baby boomer women coming up to menopause time. Guys, duck or better yet ... leave town!

2006-09-07 19:03:00
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Q: Can perimenopause cause high blood pressure?
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