Can personal property or a paid off condominium be taken by a debt collector to pay off credit card debt in Pa?

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Creditors may certainly look to seize/attach your assets of most types to pay the debts you promised or obligated to pay and don't. They also get to recover any costs for having to act to have you adhere to your legal obligations. However, they must have court authorization to do so, and commonly, other options, like garnishment of wages or liens against the assets (which continue to accrue costs to you), are used first.
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Can liens be placed on your home if you cannot pay off your credit card debt and can you lose your home if you do not pay this debt?

Yes, a lien can be placed against real estate for unpaid debt. Generally, this results in no loss of the real estate, rather impedes the title by having additional liens which need to be cleared by payment prior to sale or transfer by some other means (like a will). Consult a real estate attorney fo ( Full Answer )

If a lawyer says he has taken over a charged off credit card debt and will sue you unless he can collect should you pay him?

Debt-Collecting Lawyer Good question. The answer is yes, he can file suit against you. However, based on his statement in your question that he has taken over a charged off credit card debt, what he is really saying is that he or the firm he works for are junk debt buyers and he has purchased the r ( Full Answer )

What happens if you cannot pay off your credit card debt?

Most people know credit cards are unsecured debt(s). And some are under the mistaken idea that the companies have no recourse if a card holder defaults. That is, of course not true. They have the legal option to sue to recover their monies. Not being able to pay is unfortunately not considered a def ( Full Answer )

If you do not have any assets or a job how do you pay off your credit card debt?

Under the given circumstances the consumer would probably be termed "judgment proof." Meaning a lawsuit would be futile for the creditor. Some creditors will file suit anyway. To obtain a judgment, for possible collection of the debt in the future. Some judgments are valid for ten years and can be r ( Full Answer )

When a credit card company charges off the debt do you have to pay them back?

Answer . Writing or charging off a debt is an accounting entry to acknowlege that the asset they have (the loan) is not performing and that investors/readers of the financials, should not consider it valuable. Again, it is only a required accounting entry - it does not effect your debt to them, d ( Full Answer )

How do you pay off credit card debt with no job?

I am assuming this is a redundant query. Perhaps you mean how can a creditor collect? Some creditors may still proceed with a lawsuit to gain judgment. The premise being the debtor will not always be execution proof. Therefore they may be able to collect monies owed in the future.

Are you responsible for paying credit card debt after it was charged off and the account sold?

Answer . \nAbsolutely. "Charge off" is a term used by the original creditor when removing the account from their books and listing it as a loss for taxation purposes. In most cases the account is sold for pennies on the dollar, to a third party agency who will pursue colletion of the debt. The be ( Full Answer )

If judge ordered your ex to pay a credit card debt because he incurred the debt after the divorce was filed how do you get it taken off of your credit report in Arizona?

Answer . \nMarital status has no bearing on liability, neither does what a divorce judge says or when the debt was incurred.\n. \nAny account holder on a joint account is liable for the balance due, regardless of any other legal action (like a divorce). Such an account cannot "be taken off of y ( Full Answer )

If you had approx 3300 in credit card debt and you just paid off about 2500 and will pay off the rest soon how will this help your score if it is miserable now?

Answer . \nyou credit score is based in approx 4 different criteria. Length of history, inquiries, debt ratio, and past credit. if you paid off large portion of revolving credit, then this is good for you and scores should go up. remember you always want to keep approx 30-50 % of revolving cre ( Full Answer )

If a credit card account has been closed what is the obligation in paying off the remaining debt?

Answer . When you signed up for the credit card you agreed to pay for any debt that you incurred. If your promise is worth anything, you are obligated to pay your debt. Failure to pay the debt will probably result in legal action by the credit card company and no doubt will result in a bad credit ( Full Answer )

What should you do if you have 70K in credit card debt and a house that is not paid off and your spouse is unemployed?

It would appear that the person's options are limited. Refinancing the home if one could get a lower payment and interest and perhaps cash out could be considered but that could prove difficult given the circumstances. There are debt consolidation and other such agencies, but one must be extremely c ( Full Answer )

If you use credit card counseling services to pay off debt how does this affect your credit?

Answer . Typically when you use credit counseling services there has been damage done to your credit already. It affects your credit, but not as bad as if you are paying late all the time and struggling. Typically they help you settle your accounts and sometimes this "settling" l;owers your credi ( Full Answer )

Are you responsible for paying credit card debt after it was charged off and the account sold and what is the law on this?

Yes, you are still liable on the debt. Unless the debt is beyond the statute of limitations (which varies by state) or it is discharged in bankruptcy, you are likely to be liable on the debt. If the debt is forgiven/cancelled (you would then not be liable) then you will likely receive a 1099-C in th ( Full Answer )

If you pay off an enormous credit debt within a year will it be completely off your credit report once it is paid off?

Answer . Every credit company and lender is required to repost to the credit bureaus monthly so it will show a zero balance within a month of paying it off but it will not be completely off you credit report. It will still show the company and original balance of the loan but it will show that t ( Full Answer )

Can a car be taken to pay off credit card debt?

Yes. A car can be taken for a credit card debt if the creditor sues you in court, is successful and obtains a judgment lien. The creditor can use that judgment lien to take any property you own including your home and your car and your bank account.

How do you get a debt off the credit report After paying it off?

The debt usually remains until it is updated by the institution where you have paid it off. Also, you may look into your credit report and go from there if it is listed on it - they should be able to help you remove it also. . Added Info . The debt, even when paid off, could remain as part of ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you can't pay off your credit card debt?

Your first step is to stop using your credit cards. Call the credit card companies. However, they will do nothing for you unless your already far behind. If you are they are usually willing to do a settlement wich means you pay off a lower amount and they cancel the card, Also if there is somethi ( Full Answer )

Does working with a debt counselor really help paying off your credit cards?

You want to make sure that you check with the BBB to see if they are a legite company. I would recommend calling a company that I trust, and have worked for in the past called, "Alliance Credit Counseling, Inc'. Their phone number is 704-341-1010. They are a non-profit organization that can help, an ( Full Answer )

How to negotiate a lower pay off of credit card debt?

Not likely to happen ... you may get them to lower the interest rate some, but to forgive any of the principal amount, money you have already used to buy something that you could not afford in the first place, that will still have to be repaid in full. This answer is inaccurate to say the least. You ( Full Answer )

How do you pay off credit card debt?

I would pay off the smallest card first and then mentally it helps get you out of debt faster. Also call the credit card companies to see if you can get your interest rate lowered. I had $32k in credit card debt but just recently consolidate. I couldn't make the minimum payments anymore. My payme ( Full Answer )

Can you use a new credit card to pay off your old debt?

There are credit cards that will let you do that. It may make sense to do so. If the credit card is at a lower interest rate it could make sense to consolidate debts into a single payment. But make no mistake, credit card interests rates are often extremely high . And when they do that sort of t ( Full Answer )

Should you pay off a credit card debt that is 15 years old? the absolute lowest rate you can for all the cards, it might take quite long to do so...but you'll eventually pay them off and you'll have enough money to go through and live life as you wish while still paying off the debt you owe....

When can you get a credit card after paying off debt?

Most likely your bank. If you have been a valueable customer for many years and never left them no matter how much they charged you on overdraft fees, they will most likely give you a credit card, but be careful. If they do, do not charge things that you want. It is only for emergency purposes.

Will credit card debts write off the debt after your death?

They will not do so immediately. They will attempt to collect from the estate. Debts are one of the primary reasons someone should open an estate. The estate has to pay off the debts. If the estate cannot do so, they distribute as best they can. If the court approves the distribution, the debts are ( Full Answer )

Does taking a loan on land to pay off credit card debt make sense?

No. That doesn't make sense. If a person is trying to figure out how to pay their credit card debt that means they haven't managed their finances very well. That behavior won't change by itself. There is a good chance it will continue after they have mortgaged their home as security for a loan ( Full Answer )

Can you get a credit card company to cancel the interest and accept me paying the debt off?

It is possible But It is very difficult to get them to do this, they cancel the card and won't give you another. And they can report this as a negative on your credit report. If you get them to do this: Make sure you get it in writing! Hold onto the letter or agreement! They will sell your ba ( Full Answer )

How can someone plan a budget that will pay off credit card debt?

In order to plan a budget that will help you pay off credit card debt you must do several things. First of all you will need to assess what kind of monthly bills are going to be ongoing and also what unexpected costs will you need to budget for. Of course monthly income will need to be calculated ( Full Answer )

What are some tips for quickly paying off credit card debt?

The first thing you need to do is always pay at least your monthly minimum on any credit cards you own. If you are able to pay off more than the minimum you will pay the debt off faster. Often times companies will allow you to consolidate your debt, so you will only need to make one payment for all ( Full Answer )

What are some ways one can secure a loan to pay off credit card debt?

Securing a loan to pay off a credit card debt is not generally a good idea. However, if the interest rate on the loan is lower than the credit card rate it may be a good thing to do. Online lenders usually do not offer a rate lower than credit cards, so one's bank may be the only place to find a loa ( Full Answer )

How can one pay off student credit card debt?

There are many ways to pay off student credit card debt. Some of the ways to pay off credit card debt are borrow against life insurance, get a home equity loan, renegotiate the term with a creditor and many more.

How do you pay credit card debt off?

You just have to pay it from somewhere, such as from your regularcash or your savings. You could get a loan, but in the long runthat could end up costing you more money, as you may have to payinterest on the loan. You cut out frivolous expenses for a period of time and put themoney towards the most ( Full Answer )