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Can pet rats and pet mice be kept together?

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Answer:No. Rats are natural predators of mice and are known to hunt and kill mice. This behaviour is known as muricide.

There are very, very few examples of different rodents successfully cohabiting and some are just isolated incidents. A rat kept alone for example, may not immediately kill a mouse in the same cage due to the fact that it is depressed and lonely since neither rats nor mice should be kept on their own. It may well however kill the mouse at any point and it is not something that should ever be attempted.

Studies have shown that when rat scent is present, mice are more nervous than normal and many more miscarriages occur in result of the mom not wanting to endanger herself and her babies. Ideally they should not be kept in the same room, although providing there is no contact between their cages it can be okay although the mice could be more stressed.

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Do you have rats or mice?

I have both. I breed rats for pet & show, mice I don't breed at all.

Do pet rets eat mice?

Assuming you meant 'rats', rats kept with mice will cause distress on both parties, and will most likely end up with the latter being killed by the rat. Keep them separate.

Can you take a newborn mice and make it a pet?

Yes, many mice are kept as pets. Everybody knows about "lab rats" they are usually mice. Do some research on the web and do watch out for disease. There are ways to do this safely, if you want to, but you have to be careful.

Is mice a good pet?

Yer well rats r betta

Are rats cleaner than mice?

No. Mice are cleaner because rats live in dirtier places (if they are wild rats.) If they are pet rats they would be much less smelly and probably cleaner. (if wash them from time to time.)

Does mice and rat scratch?

Mice don't tend to scratch but rats do I recommend getting your rats nails cut if you have a pet rat that scratches. hope this helped.

Do pet rats have periods?

No, neither mice or rats have 'periods'. A rat will not bleed naturally except during birth.

How do you make pet mice or rats have babies?

Put a male and a female rat (or mice) together for about 2 weeks or so. Take the male out and wait for about 22 more days and your female will have babies.

Do pet rabbits attract mice and rats?

yes they dothere foodthe paper and straw

What pests do snakes help control by eating them?

they mostly eat rats or mice some people feed there snakes frozens rats or mice you can get there food at local pet shops.

What are some small pet animals?


What do you feed a pet corn snake?

It depends on the size but you feed it mice or small rats.

How are mice different than rats?

Mice are often much smaller, and, often less intelligent than rats. Mice also will eat less, and, if choosing between a rat or mouse for a pet, mice are better if you have less space. Rats will often be much larger than rats, taking up more space, and eating more.

How many pet mice can be kept in a ten gallon tank?


Do mice or rats kill babies or children?

Of course not! Rats and mice make LOVLEY pet and rarley bit. I'm in middle school and have had rats for almost 4.5 years and have only been bitten three (or is it two?) times. Rats and mice make great pets, but rats are a little higher up on the I.Q. scale.

What diseases do mice and rat carry that can make city people sick?

Pet mice and rats do not carry any diseases. Wild rats caused the black plague in the middle ages.

Does snakes eat mice?

Yes - the vast majority of typical 'pet' snakes are fed on a diet of small rodents such as mice and rats.

Do pet rats bite more than pet mice?

Rats typically DO NOT BITE. They are very loving and friendly. I have had them for YEARS and YEARS. I've also had mice for years. They are more skittish and tend to nip fingers. Both are nice, but rats have the loyalty of a dog, and the intelligence of a cat. They're great pets!

What kind of pet requires little care?

Mice, rabbits, rats, and small mammals like that

What species of mice can be kept as pets?

Fancy mice are the most common type of pet mice. They come in the smaller 'pet' variety most commonly found in pet shops, and also the larger 'show' type that are bred for showing as the name suggests. Multimmamate mice are the next common - these are also known as natel rats, or african soft-furs. They are larger than pet mice and sometimes have a reputation for being more aggressive although this is usually down to poor upbringing and lack of handling whilst young. They are sometimes referred to as the link between rats and mice. More exotic tyes of mice include African striped grass mice (Zebra Mice), African Pygmy Mice and Harvest mice. The availability of these may depend on the laws in your country, and they require more specialised care than fancy mice. They are not often handleable so are pets more to observe than interact with.

When did rats become pets?

I believe the first pet rats were domesticated very early by the Ancient Inca. In the US, by the late 1800s rats were kept in captivity as pets and by the early 1900s had become a popular pet.

Are mice as dangerous as rats?

Rats are actually very nice animals. They are one of the smartest species out there too. I do have a couple of rats as pets yet i have never had a mouse as a pet. My friends have a couple and they said the only problem with mice is that there teath are razer sharp

Can rats give you anything when they itch?

If they are pet rats kept in a clean cage, then you can't catch anything. Otherwise they may have fleas.

Can a hawk be trained as a pet?

no they can not. they are preditorial animals. they eat mice, rats, and basically anything smaller than them!

What are rats considered?

if u mean "why are rats considered more then mice", they are more intelegent and VERY clean! trust me, i have pet rats and they clean themselvs every 6 or 7 minets.

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