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Q: Can phenylephrine test positive for opiates in a urine test?
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Can phenylephrine test positive for opiates?

Yes. Codine is an ingredient in both phenylephrine and oxycodone. Oxycodone is an opiate.

Will an antihistamine test positive for opiates in a urine drug screen?

None, there are no antihistamine-type opiates.

Can you store urine with opiate in it to get a positive test?

so others know it did work i had a positive test for opiates......

Can Flexeril make you test positive for opiate on a urine drug screen?

no it will not test positive for opiates because flexeril is not an opiate

Does suboxone show up in a urine test?

Yes. It is an opiate class medication. As such, it will test positive for opiates.

What does percocet show up as on urine test?

It will show positive for opiates since it has Oxycodone in it.

Will doxycycline hyclate cause a false positive in a urine test?

possibly for opiates and/or marijuana.

Will oxycodone show up in a urine test?

Yes, it will show up as positive for opiates in a urine toxicology screen.

What may cause false positive in urine test?

Poppy seed bagels can cause false positive for opiates

What would fental patch show on blood and urine drug test?

Fentanyl patch will test positive for opiates

What does Oxycontin show positive for?

It will show up as opiates in a standard drug test. Most test are not discerning enough to differentiate between types of opiates, but the test merely test for the presence or absence of opiates in the urine or blood.

Will tramadol test positive for opiates?

Yes, Tramadol is an opiate and can test positive for opiates.

Can Benadryl test positive for opiates?

Diphenhydramine or Benadryl, can cause a false positive for PCP. As far as causing a false positive for opiates, I do not think so. I took 3 benadryl last night and took a 6-panel urine test this afternoon, I did not come up positive for opiates.

Can urine testing produce positive cocaine results using benzocaine oral gel?

it can make you test positive for opiates.

Will tylenol 3 show up positive for morphine or opiates on a urine test.?

Tylenol 3 (codiene) will test positive for opiates on a quick panel urine test. But, on the detailed GC/MS test done in a lab, Tylenol 3 will show up as codiene. In otherwords, opiates show up as positive on the quick test. And, when sent to be tested in the lab, they show up detailed to exactly what medication caused the opiate positive.

Does suboxone test positive for opiates in a urine drug screne?

no, most drug tests do not detect suboxone

Will Suboxone show up in the urine?

Yes. Suboxone is an opiate class drug - and will test positive for opiates.

Does hydromorphone show up as Dilaudid or just opiate in urine test?

Hydromorphone will just be positive for opiates.

Does vicodin test positive for opiates in urine?

Yes it does, try a niacin flush and maybe a vinegar chug

What will make you positive for Opiates on a urine test?

Some prescription cough medicines others, i dont know

How will vicoprofen test on a urine drug test?


Can Tylenol with codeine cause a false positive marijuana urine test?

........... JJ NOTE: False positive for Opiates, Not for THC (marijuana)........

Are Oxycontin and morphine same on urine test?

Yes, they are both narcotics, and therefore derived from opium. They will both test positive for opiates.

Will codeine show positive for oxycodone?

Codeine and Oxycodone are from the same family "OPIATES". Your urine test will show up as positive for opiates. The UA has no way to distinguish whether it is codeine or Oxycodone.

Will hydrocodone test positive for narcotics in laboratory urine test?

Yes, Hydrocodone will test positive on a drug test for opiates and opiates are narcotics. If you have a drug test and you are being prescribed hydrocodone just take your bottle with you to the drug test and let the examiner see it . If you are not prescribed hydrocodone then you will fail the test.