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No. Pinching the skin cannot cause cancer. While the direct cause of cancer is relatively unknown, it is known that bumps, bruises, and yes, even pinching the skin, cannot be the culprit. Cancer is the abnormal division and formation of cells in the body. While pinching your skin may cause bruising and pain, it will not cause skin cells to mass produce abnormally.

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Q: Can pinching the skin cause cancer?
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Is sunbathing the only cause of skin cancer?

No it is not the only cause of skin cancer, regular exposure to the sun and other reasons can cause skin cancer.

Does pinching the skin cause any damage?

Strongly pinch your skin with your fingernail will cause a small damage to your skin, which is a cut.

Will you get skin cancer if you draw on your skin?

No, drawing on your skin does not cause cancer.

What wave can cause skin cancer?

UV waves found in sunlight can cause skin cancer.

Too much exposure to what can cause skin cancer?

The sun is the primary cause of skin cancer.

Does tanning cause breast cancer?

No, it can cause skin cancer.

What kind of cancer does UV rays cause?

it can cause skin cancer

When you wet a silly band can you get skin cancer?

No silly bandz does not cause skin cancer. For all of you curious. IT DOES NOT CAUSE SKIN CANCER! Its just a myth to get people to stop by silly bands.

Does ultra violet rays cause cancer?

Yes ultra violet can cause cancer actually they can cause skin cancer.

Does uv radiation effect skin cancer?

Yes, it is the major cause of skin cancer.

What damages can the sun do to your skin?

It can cause skin cancer.

Does anything else than uv light cause skin cancer?

gas and oil have been shown to cause skin cancer

Do carcinogens cause skin rashes?

They can cause Cancer.

Can the ozone cause cancer?

The ozone causes cancer. It causes skin cancer.

What effects do sun radiation have on the skin?

It can cause skin cancer.

What can Skin cancer cause?

UV waves found in sunlight can cause skin cancer.

What can cause Skin cancer?

UV waves found in sunlight can cause skin cancer.

What kind of skin cancer can plastic surgery cause?

Are you an idiot? Plastic surgery does not cause cancer. Yes, cancer not canser.

Does rainbow silly band cause skin cancer?

nope but if you make it wet then it causes skin cancer

What types of silly bandz cause skin cancer?

well truth is all types of silly bands cause skin cancer because they are made out of a material used such as condoms....but not knew condoms they are made out of recycled condoms that the reason they cause skin cancer

What two ways can the sun cause damage to your skin?

it can cause skin to feel leathery and to wrinkle it can also cause for you to develop skin cancer

Which type of cancer does radioactive Strontium-90 cause?

skin cancer

Can a tanning bed cause skin cancer?

Yes, tanning beds can cause skin cancer. There are three main types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Using tanning beds increases your chances of getting each type. The Skin Cancer Foundation's website is a great resource for information about skin cancer.

What is the most common cause of skin cancer and how it can be avoided?

the most common cause of skin cancer is getting sun burn or having ytour skin burned as it destroys skinc cells

Can motor oil on the skin cause cancer?

Yes prolonged contact with motor oil can cause cancer.

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