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pine trees thrive in Florida

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Q: Can pine trees grow in Florida?
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What type of region do pine trees grow?

Pine trees grow in coniferous forests

How tall do jack pine trees grow?

How tall do jack pine trees grow

Do you cones grow in pine trees or ash trees?

Pine trees of course!

What trees grow in the northeast?

pine trees

Do pine trees grow in the rain forest?

No, there is only pine trees in pine forests. I think?

Where are pine trees located?

pine tress are located in florida,

Why do pine trees grow in Ireland?

Ireland has the right kind of climate for many types of pine trees to grow.

Is pine natural or man made?

Natural, Pine comes from pine trees and trees grow naturally!

What trees grow in Himalaya?


What trees grow on mountains?


What tree do pine cones grow on?


Where did the Paiute Indians get their pine nuts?

from the pine cones that grow on the pine trees

What is the purpose of pine trees?

pine trees are oxygen and they grow pine cones which open and close when predicting rain

How many acorns grow on the average pine tree?

none because there are no pine trees only oak trees

How reproduction occurs in pine trees?

Pine trees grow from seeds produced in their cones.

What kinds of trees grow by the great lakes?

pine trees

Another name for a pine tree?

Pine trees are sometimes also called conifer trees. This is because pine trees produce cones that are planted to grow more pine trees.

How tall do pine trees become?

Pine trees can grow to a height of about 50 feet - 100 feet. There are species of the pine trees that can grow to a height of 150 feet and above. For example, the white pine tree can grow up to a height of 158 feet.

What trees grow near rivers?

willows and pine trees grow near rivers

Do pine trees grow in winter?


Do pine trees grow in California?


What plants grow in Serbia?

Pine Trees

What type of plants grow cones?

Coniferous trees bear cones such as pine trees, fir trees, and spruce trees...Pine trees bear pine cones.Conifers; Coniferous plants

Does a pine tree grow in every continent?

Pine trees grow in all areas except Antarctica.

What trees grow in the coastal plains of Texas?

oak trees and pine trees and apple trees

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