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Yes. Any defensive player can make an error.


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No, a wild pitch is a wild pitch -- it is considered a mistake charged to the pitcher. An "error" in baseball is a fielding mistake. A pitcher can make an "error" but only on a batted or thrown ball.

Error made by a pitcher

A player can reach 1st Base on a Hit, a Walk, or an Error. [A Balk is an Error on the Pitcher, and a Passed Ball is an Error by the Catcher.]

The pitcher is the one who throws the baseball to the batter.

pitcher in baseball mean to catch the ball no the answer above is completely wrong the pitcher throws the ball towards home plate in a given strike zone of the batter and make it land in the catchers glove

It depends on how bad the pitcher boots the ball. An error is recorded when an out is not made within reasonable effort or talent.

The question has an error it. It was the 1980 World Series I was thinking of My apologies.

The job of a baseball coach is to make the right decisions for the team. For example if the pitcher is not pitching well then the coach will take the pitcher out a put in a new one.

No, in baseball the pitcher does not follow the instructions of the catcher.

No, they are two separate statistics.

No, this would not be an error it would be ruled a wild pitch or passed ball, neither of which are charged with errors

on average about 3 million if you are halfway decent

a balk is a type of error by the pitcher in which he does not properly execute a pitch or fakes a throw to first base. For all 16 ways to balk go to

An ER is an Earned Run, a run for which the pitcher is considered responsible, as opposed to an Unearned Run, which involves an error (or passed ball) by one of the fielders.

The pitcher might of had something to do with the 3rd baseman making an error, or the umpire might of just thought it was the pithcers fault.

No, this is not ruled an error.

Pitcher (of water) = Jarro / Jarra Pitcher (made of clay) = Cántaro (baseball) Pitcher = Lanzador

No. In high school baseball, once a pitcher is called out of a game he is done for the day.

The common term for a pitcher and catcher is "battery."

Because like a battery they are the ones that make everything go. Every play in baseball starts with the pitcher (pitching the ball) and the catcher (giving signs and directing the defense) -- If you dont have the pitcher and catcher, you cant play baseball.. kind of like if a car doesnt have a battery it cant go anywhere

A passed ball is not recorded as an error.

Most likely it is neither a hit nor an error. In most cases this would be scored a "Fielder's Choice". It could be a hit if, in the scorers judgement, the batter would have beat the throw to first had the pitcher not hesitated to hold the runner. It would not be an error unless the pitcher bobbled or misplayed the ball. To clarify, a "Fielder's Choice" can be recorded even if an out is not registered.

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