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if you eat enough it surely can make you fail a drug test

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No drinks do. But eating poppy seeds does.

Yes...this was confirmed by "mythbusters" on discovery channel...i think it was for only the day the poppy seed was consumed...

So far the only drug that I know of that will make you fail a drug test is a drug that you take when you have AIDSSome kinds of food will make a person have a false positive test. Some will make the test positive like sesame seed.Don't forget pot.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There are lots of different substances that will make you fail a drug test, including a lot of widely used herbs. Check with your test maker or administer for a complete listing. OH- and it is a myth that sesame seeds or poppy seeds for that matter will make you pop positive. While they would make you positive if you ate enough of them, it is almost impossible to do so!!- - - - -The "myth" that poppy seeds will make you test positive for opiates isn't a myth; opium comes from poppies and there are trace amounts of opium in the seeds. When they first started testing for opiates a LOT of people came up positive for poppy seed bagels. Fortunately, they've re-calibrated the test using clean people and a lot of poppy seed pastries, and now it's very unlikely, unless your diet is rich in poppy seeds, that you'll come up positive just on poppy seeds.

Not likely, unless you ingest a large amount then I guess there is a chance.. and I think it would show up as an opiate not cocaine.

Yes, poppy seeds do make you drowsy. I read it in a book.

None, the only poppy I know of that will is the opium poppy seed. There is a poppy seed that will show up positive for opiates on a drug test if enough are eaten, but won't get you high.

POPPY SEEDS! DO NOT EAT THEM!!...i had one poppy roll with lunch and my P.O came and tested me that night...FAILED, luckily for me, he knows me better then to fail for that crap and i got a re-test

what happens if you eat poppy seeds will it make you feel like taking a lortab

No, phenylephrine will not make you fail a drug test. Only the drugs that the company is testing for can make you fail the drug test.

It will make you fail the right drug test. Morphine is an opiate and because it is a common drug; it will make you fail a lot of different drug tests.

It could definetily show up as opiates, Many years ago the poppy seeds used for eating had a substanial amount of morphine, today they are very low count and are checked,maybe you wouldnt have a problem with it. Poppy seeds come from the same plant that is used to make opiates, such as morphine and heroine. Eating a poppy seed muffin, within 48 hours of a drug test, can cause you to test positive for opiates. It is reported that most drug testing agencies will not admit that their tests will result in false positives due to poppy seeds. However, the television show Myth Busters tested this myth and found it to be true.

Will hydroxyst make you fail a drug test for amphetamines

No, taking the drug Viagra will not make you fail a drug test.

If you eat a lot of poppy seeds you can have a positive test for opiates in general, not for heroin specifically.

yes they can happened to me once

i am currently in treatment and have random drug tests. i was recently prescribed buspar for anxiety. will this drug make me fail a drug test?

SlimQuick will make you fail your drug test.

There are none. Some say poppy seeds will result in a false-negative. This is wrong. Heroin and other opiates are derived from the sap of a Asian poppy flower. Not the seed ^.^

get an oil extracting machine.

will energy pills cause you to fail a drug test?

If a person has a prescription for tramadol, it will show up in a drug test, but they will not fail their drug test. If a person does not have a prescription, it will show up and they will fail.

steep the flowers and or seeds to taste and strength.

Wow... I want to meet the person that added this question.. failing a drug test is the easy part right? SMOKE POT, you'll fail the drug test. Unless you use a friends urine ;) - - - - - Actually...pot isn't the only thing that will make you fail a THC test. Advil is famous for it, and Aleve can too. And lest we forget; The dreaded poppy seed bagel will come up hot for opiates.

Yes the codine in Tylenol 3 will make it show up positize for opiates. Codine is derived from poppy seeds just like heroin.

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