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No, sperm cannot get through clothes as the clothes absorb the liquid and the sperm die. However if you are nearly naked with semen around games can easily go to the next level so get protected.

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Q: Can pre-ejaculate fluid go through boxer shorts and get a girl pregnant while she has boy shorts on?
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Do women wear boxer shorts?

Women typically wear boxer shorts as lingerie or pajamas. As an alternative to wearing boxer shorts, women will also wear underwear in a 'boy shorts' style.

You were with your girlfriend and went off in your boxer shorts. Later your hand touched outside shorts and it was wet and sticky. You wiped your hand off but later fingered her could she be pregnant?

No she cannot get pregnant that way.

Is boxer shorts and retro shorts also apparel?

Apparel is any sort of clothing including boxer and retro shorts.

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Can boxer shorts be worn under jeans.. Will it show on top if you have a erection?

Boxer shorts can be worn under jeans. A boner will show depending on how tight the jeans and/or boxers are.

Should you buy a boxer shorts according your waist size?

From:305-nicey Yes you should by boxer shorts acording to your waist size,if not they will fall off. To:viewers

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u wear boxer shorts

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Can wearing boxer shorts decrease sperm count?

Wearing boxer shorts actually increases sperm count, but not permanently. Wearing briefs decreases sperm count, but as soon as the man switches to boxers, his sperm count returns to normal. There have been studies done that prove the sperm count increases if you wear boxer shorts as opposed to wearing briefs. So, no wearing boxer shorts do not decrease sperm count.

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