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Philippine eagles have killed and ate burmese pythons and small reticulated pythons. Harpy eagles prey on tree pythons. Martial eagles hunt for small african rock pythons.

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What preys on a monkey?

Monkeys may be eaten by cougars, leopards, and eagles. They may also be eaten by snakes, like pythons and boas, as well as chimps.

Do bald eagles eat pythons?

In Florida, bald eagles prey on small burmese pythons.

What eats eagles jaguars lepards pythons?

Crocodiles prey on eagles, jaguars, leopards, and pythons.

Whose preys upon pythons?

Hi birds of prey such as eagles ect prey on small to medium pythons. Hi birds of prey such as eagles ect can eat small to medium pythons Hi birds of prey such as eagles ect can eat small to medium pythons Hi birds of prey such as eagles ect can eat small to medium pythons

How do eagles hunt ball pythons?

Eagles wait for the Ball Pythons to stop moving and then swoop in and snatch them up and then eat them.

What animal eats the Genet?

They are primarily preyed on by foxes, wildcats, pythons and leopards. They are also eaten by chimpanzees, African wild dogs and eagles.

What is the Philippine eagles predator?

Pythons prey on philippine eagles by ambush.

Does anything eat pythons?

Small pythons can easily be eaten by some species of bird and reptiles, also many mammals. Large pythons can eaten by moderate-large mammals.

What eats a monkey?

eagles jaguars lepards pythons

What are snakes eaten by?

well lots of animals eat snakes. Big birds like eagles, hawks,owls and falcons from above. Sea snakes get eaten by animals like sharks and eagles. crocodiles also eat snakes. bigger snakes like pythons and anacondas don't have that much predetors.

Does a wedge tailed eagle eat a python?

Wedge tailed eagles prey on olive pythons and reticulated pythons.

Do eagles eat pythons?

Sure, especially the young ones.

What eats big cats crocodiles and eagles?

Large pythons prey on big cats, crocodiles, and eagles.

What are the enemies of a Bengal Tiger Cub?

Eagles, pythons, hyenas, and dholes

What is a black panther eaten by?

A panther can be eaten by stronger animals, such as lions, tigers, crocodiles, and pythons, in the wild.

What types of animals eat Ball Pythons?

Young ball pythons will be eaten by many types of birds, wild dogs and hyenas, etc. However adult ball pythons will be eaten by birds as well, and sometimes even lions and leapards. (P.S. ball pythons are native to Africa. They cool down there bodies by going into termite or ant mounds.)

What animals eat chickens?

Komodo dragons, big snakes such as pythons, eagles.

What is the predator of a swan?

Eagles, Alligators, crocodiles, and burmese pythons prey on swans.

What are predators of the pelican?

In africa, crocodiles, pythons, storks, and eagles eat pelicans.

Are swans prey?

In florida, swans are prey to alligators, crocodiles, bald eagles, and pythons.

What are sheep eaten by?

Man, foxes and eagles.

What is eaten by eagle?

Bears eat eagles , fish and honey.

What types of birds eat pythons?

Hawks and eagles sometimes eat snakes. Adult pythons are too large, however, but the young are sometimes taken by birds.

What does an aardvark get eaten by?

Lions, leopards, hyenas, and pythons all eat aardvarks.

Which animals hunt gazelles?

Gazelles are mostly hunted by Leopards, Lions, Cheetahs and Hyenas. They can also be fed to Crocodiles and the babies/young gazelles are sometimes eaten by baboons, eagles, pythons and jackals. Humans also hunt gazelles!

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