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Yes they can be bulk sterilized but in turn, once you take them out of the package they were in they are considered not sterile anymore. The only way to really sterilize them as well is to put them into an autoclave.

Yes but they'd have to be individually wrapped afterwards, like Band Aids. ~ T

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Q: Can q tips be bulk sterilized?
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What was the original name for q-tips cotton swabs?

Q-tips were first called Baby Gays. Then it was changed to Q-tips Baby Gays, but finally just Q-tips.

Why are q-tips called Q-tips when they don't look like Q's?

The Q in Q-Tips stands for Quick. Actually, when Leo Gerstenzang invented them in the early 1920s, they were called 'Baby gays'. In the 1926, they were renamed 'Q-Tips baby Gays'. Eventually, it was shortened to just 'Q-Tips'. Apparently 'Q' stands for 'quality'.

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How many inches long is a q-tip?

q-tips used for medical reasons are usually 6 inches. Household q-tips are 3 inches.

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What are some inventions that begin with the letter Q?

· Q-tips

What are inventions that start with the letter Q?

Q-Tips were an invention. It begins with the letter Q.

What baby items start with Q?

Q-tips are a baby item. They begin with Q.

Things in a drugstore that start with Q?

Q-tips are sold in a drugstore. They begin with the letter Q.

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How do you write q-tips in french?

Q-tips and cotton buds are called "des cotons-tiges" (plural - the singular is "un coton-tige") in French.

What are some bathroom supplies that start with the letter q?

Q-tips are a bathroom supply.

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Why are Q-Tips called Q-tips where does the Q come in?

The cotton swab was invented in the 1920's by Leo Gerstenzang and called "Baby Gays." After a little marketing advice, he changed the name from that to "Quality Tips" or "Q-Tips" for short. It's a brand name in the same sense that many people refer to making copies as Xeroxing, or refer to any plastic wrap as Saran Wrap.

Why is Sam Walton important?

He invented Q-tips.

What is another name for Q-tips?

cotten swabs

What does the Q in Qtips stand for?

the product was originally called Baby Gays in 1926. The labels were changed to read Q-tips Baby Gays. Later, the name Baby Gays was dropped and Q-tips became the trademark for cotton swabs. The "Q" in Q-tips stands for quality and the word "tips" describes the cotton swab at the end of the stick.

How does does 500 q - tips cost?

Konnichiwa! 500 q-tips cost $4.49 at a local drugstore. Hope that works. Say Arigato!

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Explain the results in the sterilized and not-sterilized broth?

Sterilized broth is clear, meaning no bacterial growth. Non-sterilized broth is cloudy.

What are some toiletries that begin with the letter Q?

Q tips cotton buds. Quilted toilet tissue.

How many q-tips are made a year?

80 bilion