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Yes they can. My rabbit lived my guinea pig for a while but then we had to separate them as it is known that sometimes rabbits can bully guinea pigs a bit. I would strongly recommend two separate hutches. Two floors for a rabbit as they like lots of space and a single floored hutch for a guinea pig (though you can fit two in it!)


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i guess so.. my guinea pigs live in one rabbit hutch and they are fine with it i guess so.. my guinea pigs live in one rabbit hutch and they are fine with it

NO!!! guinea pigs and rabbits can NEVER live together, the rabbit could kick the guinea pig and end up killing him!!

No, guinea pigs and rabbits cannot live together. They simply just will not get along with one another. Guinea pigs should only live with other guinea pigs and rabbits only with other rabbits.

chipmunks and guinea pigs should not live in the same cage together.

Wrong. Guinea pigs are domesticated.

No, for the rabbit may kick the guinea pig and hurt it badly. I have a rabbit and guinea pig and they hate each other. So I keep them away from each other.

No. Mice can actually kill guinea pigs.

While they can it's not a good idea. Their dietary needs are similar but different. Additionally, a rabbit has powerful hind legs and can injury or kill a guinea pig with a kick. Some rabbits and guinea pigs have been known to live together peacefully for years, but often that is not the case. I have a rabbit and a guinea pig and a rabbit living in a puppy pen together. I give them separate cages. They love each other and get along great.

Rabbits and guinea pigs shouldn't live together, because in a confined space (like a cage, even a very large one), the rabbit could accidentally injure the guinea pigs. It's okay for all of them to interact when you're there to supervise, but otherwise they should be kept separate.

It is best that guinea pigs are kept with other guinea pigs rather than rabbits as rabbits do not speak "cavy" and guinea pigs like to have others of their own species to talk to. Rabbits tend to spray, and guinea pigs are animals that like to be clean and as hygienic as possible. They also cant share food, as rabbit food contains an anti-coccidostat (ACS) which will shorten a guinea pigs lifespan by poisoning it's internal organs. Although they would probably be OK together, it will be better for the guinea pig if they are kept apart- having said that, there are cases of rabbits and guinea pigs getting on very well and living happily together. It depends on how the guinea pig and the rabbit get on. Hope this was helpful :)

Guinea pigs shouldn't be put in a cage with a rabbit. The rabbit could kick the guinea pig and rabbits and guinea pigs have a different diet.

Yes. two male guinea pigs can live together as long as they get along xx

No. rabbits havepowerful hind legs and guinea pigs can get kicked if a rabbit is frightened a doe rabbit in season can be aggressive and bite also rabbits do not require vitamin c guinea pigs witch results in small but curial changes in diet

From what I've read, they do NOT make great cage mates at all. I even had guinea pigs and a rabbit when I was younger and my parents wouldn't house them together. The rabbit is stronger and can kill a guinea pig just by kicking it, accidentally or purposefully.

Rabbits can not mate with guinea pigs. If the rabbit tries to mate with a guinea pig, it means that:They shouldn't live together. Rabbits and guinea pigs shouldn't share a cage because rabbits get easily scared and can accidentally hurt the piggies.Your rabbit could be trying to show dominance but again, give each one its own cage. A rabbit trying to be dominant could hurt the guinea pig.You should separate them when the rabbit mounts the guinea pig. Otherwise, if they get along, they can be together when you're there to supervise, but never when they're alone.

It depends on the individual rabbit, but generally any kind of rabbit and guinea pigs do get along.

No, guinea pigs do not like to live alone. When getting a guinea pig, it is best to get two guinea pigs so when you can't give them attention, they have each other to play with. But when you get only one guinea pig, be sure to give it a lot of attention.But please read this: Do not put 2 males together in the same cage. They will fight nonstop. 2 females will live nice together and a guinea pig can happily live in the same cage with a rabbit. Also, when a guinea pig has babies, be sure to remove the male guinea pig.

No. Rabbits are herbivores, and never eat guinea pigs. Don't put the two together unsupervised, though. The rabbit might hurt the guinea pig. Some rabbits and guinea pigs get along, but always be careful.

Sometimes you can keep a guinea pig and a rabbit together, they usually can be seen together.we have 2 female guineas and a male dwarf rabbit 2gether, although the rabbit has his own cage at night. well yes you can because i have 6 rabbits and have recently had 2 Guinea pigs and we had no spare cages for them so we put the Guinea pigs in with the rabbits and they got along perfect.

There are several reasons why you shouldnt keep guinea pigs and rabbits together, the rabbits are usually bigger than the guinea pig so there is some danger of the guinea pig being injured and although its rare, guinea pigs and rabbits have been known to mate which can harm the guinea pig and even the rabbit.

You can put rabbits and guinea pigs together. But I think that's all

YesA Guinea Pigs Best-Friend Would Be A Rabbit. Especially If Your Guinea Pigs Fight The Rabbit Will Cause A Nice Connecton Through The Hutch Or Cage !!!!x

Most dairy calves, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.

It doesn't matter what gender they are, rabbits and ginea pigs are not meant to be together in the same cage, rabbits are much lager and a little more aggresive, or its the pigs, they will bite anything

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