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No, rabbits cannot eat bran.

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โˆ™ 2015-10-14 11:23:12
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Q: Can rabbits eat bran?
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Can rabbits eat bran flakes?

No, bran flakes aren't healthy for rabbits. Even as a treat, you shouldn't give bran flakes to your rabbit. You shouldn't give any foods made for people to a rabbit. These foods aren't healthy for rabbits, and they'll lead to illness. Pet rabbits mostly eat hay. They also eat pellets, and leafy green vegetables. They eat non-leafy vegetables and fruit as a treat. See the related question below about rabbit diet for details and links.

Is wheat bran good for rabbits?

yes but it gives them the runs

Can you eat rabbits?

yes you can eat rabbits.

Do raccoons eat rice bran?

Raccoon do eat rice bran. Raccoon are scavengers and though they prefer fruit, they will eat nearly anything they can find.

Food chain for slugs?

slugs eat lettuces thrushes eat slugs sparrowhawks eat thrushes rabbits eat lettuces foxes eat rabbits sparrowhawks eat rabbits rabbits eat grass

is it how much do your rabbits or rabbit's eat in one day?

it is rabbits

Can rabbits eat biscuits?

no rabbits can not eat buscuits

Can rabbits eat prunes?

Rabbits do not eat prunes.

Do rabbits eat weasels?

No. Weasels eat rabbits.

Why do rabbits eat plants?

why do rabbits eat grass

Why do mice appear when rags and bran are put in a tub?

Mice apear because they eat the bran - as simple as that! That is all that's to it!Mice apear because they eat the bran - as simple as that! That is all that's to it!

What eat rabbits man?

Man (carnivores) may eat rabbits, but rabbits (herbivores) eat plant life.

What kind of cereal do grasshopper eat?

They can eat bran and cornflakes.

Does babies the male rabbit eat the female rabbits?

No. Rabbits do not eat other rabbits.

What is a good way to flush your colon at home?

Eat a lot of bran. Bran is nature's vaccume.

Do mealworms eat rice?

Yes, meal worms will eat rice. They also will eat wheat and bran. Along with rice, wheat, and bran, they also feed on oats.

Do fisher cats eat rabbits?

yes they eat rabbits.

Do rabbits eat flowers?

Yes, rabbits eat flowers.

Do owls eat rabbits?

yes owls eat rabbits

Do tigers eat rabbits?

White tigers eat rabbits.

Can rabbits eat chickweed?

Yes, rabbits can eat chickweed.

Does a fox eat rabbits?

Yes, Foxes do eat rabbits.

Do rabbits eat rats?

No , rabbits only eat veggies.

Do alligators eat rabbits?

yes alligators eat rabbits

Do rabbits eat foxes?

no they dont