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Yes, rabbits can eat loquat leaves and are often given these leaves as a part of their diet. Rabbits can eat the leaves of most plants and trees along with many grasses.


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Yes, rabbits enjoy certain leaves very much but they cannot eat firr tree leaves. They can eat oak leaves mostly. x

I give my rabbit palm leaves but i'm not so sure that they are supposed to eat them. Rabbits can eat leaves though so i don't see why they can't eat palm leaves. :)

because they can. Leaves and grass seem to taste good to rabbits. If a rabbit tried to eat meat it would get really sick.

Yes, rabbits will eat radish leaves, as well as just about any other tender growing plant they can find.

wild rabbits eat grasses and leaves from small bushes

Yes, most vegetables are healthy for rabbits.

Yes rabbits can eat willow tree branches.Ê In fact rabbits can eat everything on a willow tree including branches and leaves, they can be eaten fresh and do not need to be dried.

yes, they can but they can't eat the actual tulip only the leaves

no rabbits shouldn't eat pine. they can eat it but the taste is much to strong making the rabbit lose its appetite.

They will eat tree bark, grass, or even leaves.

Well, if they can reach the leaves, sure.

The animals that most commonly eat bay leaves are insects. Caterpillars are particularly common on bay leaves, as are aphids. Some mammals eat bay leaves too, such as cows and horses.

Rabbits are herbivores who eat grass, leaves, and other green vegatation.

They cannot eat the leaves of the plant, but they can eat the flower (aka Bud) and the stems. Rabbits eat marijuana in the wild. I wouldn't feed rabbits marijuana as domestic rabbits are nothing like wild rabbits, they have evolved differently.

Yes, rabbits will eat the berries, twigs, and especially the leaves of many different kinds of berry bushes.

Animals and pets should not eat the leaves, death is possible if the animlal is not treated by a vet

Amami rabbits are wild rabbits that live only on two particular islands in Japan: Amami Ōshima, and Toku-no-Shima. Amami rabbits eat grasses, leaves, and acorns.

They can chew on the stalk without any problems, but the leaves will most likely upset their tummies. I have one rabbit that is fine with the leaves but my other two rabbits get really sick if they eat the leaves.

NO because the rabbit eats carrots

Rabbits eat leaves and grass. They live in holes and lay in the grass. If they are kept as a pet they will stay in a pen, eat celery, carrots, and lettuce.

No, tomato leaves (and the vines, and stems) are toxic to rabbits. See the related questions below for more info.No, it makes them sick.

Oh yeah. Rabbits love the leaves on carrots. Don't feed rabbits cabbage (its too hard on their stomach) or onions.

Mussels are shellfish, not rabbits. I would suggest not feeding mussels leaves.

Yes. If you prefer, you can provide them with eggplant leaves or azaleas.

Yes, rabbits can also eat the flower part of the dandelion! My rabbit LOVES dandelions. You can also put it in salad.

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