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Most states allow minors to own property. To what extent they can exercise control over the property will vary by state.

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Q: Can real property be deeded to a minor?
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If you are gift deeded real property from a friend can they take it back?


Can a home be quit claim deeded to a minor in the state of Michigan?

No. The home could be quit claimed to a trust for the benefit of the minor, but a minor cannot own property.

Can a minor legally own property in Utah?

A minor cannot own real property. It could be held in a trust for the minor.

Can a minor hold title of real estate property in AZ?

No, a minor cannot hold title to real estate. The property will go into a trust for the benefit of the minor until they reach the age of majority.

Tax delinquent real property not redeemed by the owner during the five-year statuory redemption period is deeded to who?

the state

Can a minor hold the lien on real-estate property?

No, a minor can not. Someone would have to hold it in trust for the minor.

How do you apply for a deeded parking spot?

aquire property

If a property is deeded to a person receiving ssi and occupying the property to be deeded will it affect his ssi benefits?

Of course. The transfer of real property will add assets to his profile and may cause a change in his benefits. It also may eventually result in a medical assistance lien on the property to pay back benefits. You should consult with an attorney who specializes in special needs trusts before making this transfer.

If property is deeded to person under age and the person deeding the property is receiving social security disability had inherited this property so now they have two properties?

If a person on social security disability inherited a property and then "deeded" it to a person who is underage there is one property. Why do you think there are two?

What is the definition of deeded?

A deeded piece of land is a property that has been signed over to you. It could either have been paid for or given to you as a gift.

What age is considered a minor when purchasing property in Arizona?

Anything younger than 18 is a minor. Until then they cannot contract or hold real property.

Who is deeded owner?

That would mean a property owner who acquired their interest in the property by virtue of a deed.

What is the definition of deeded land?

A deeded piece of land is a property that has been signed over to you. It could either have been paid for or given to you as a gift.

If a parent dies intestate but deeded property to only one sibling can the others make a claim on the property?

If they deeded the property to anyone during their lifetime it belongs to that person & won't be included in the probate, unless the property was part of a family trust, or some other arrangement.

Can a minor sell real property after the deed is in their name?

No not without an appointed Guardian

How do you become the intellectual property owner?

Unless other arrangements are made, the creator of the copyright, first user of the trademark, or inventor of the patent is the first owner. Intellectual property can be transferred like real property (deeded, sold, etc.), but is more frequently licensed.

Can a minor own real estate?

No, they cannot. A minor cannot sign a legally enforceable contract and real property requires a written agreement. However, a trust can be set up on behalf of a minor to hold property in trust until they reach the age of majority, or some other age as appropriate.

Can a home be sold by one while the other is still living there?

It depends on how the property is deeded.

How can a 15 year old legally have their own house?

They can't, they are not an adult and cannot own real property. However, a trust could be created to hold the property, with the minor being the beneficiary. But that requires an adult holds the property in trust for the minor.

Is property deeded to 3 children considedred deeded to all 8 children?

No. All the grantees must be listed on the deed. If three children were listed as the grantees then they are the owners. In order for an interest in real estate to be transferred by a deed there must be granting language and the receivers of that interest must be named in the deed as the grantees.

Can you get a mortgage for a house that you are already deeded to but not on the mortgage?

All the owners of real estate must sign a mortgage that will affect the property. The bank will take into consideration the amount that is already owed on the property for the first mortgage and the ability of the owners to take on more debt.

Life estate Mothers real property lives there has 2 children deeded half ea. Who has to pay the property taxes while mother is alive and living in the house Could she have reversed the Life Estate?

who evers name is on the deed is legally responsible

What happens to property when mom dies and has deeded the property to her to son?

If mom conveyed her property to her son by a deed prior to her death then the son is the new owner of the property. When mom died she no longer owned it.

Can a minor own property in the state of Maine?

No. Property can be held in trust for a minor.

Can a minor own property in California?

No. The minimum age for owning property in California is 18 because that is the legal age that you can execute a contract with another party. A minor child can be entitled to the ownership of property if the property is vested in a Trust with the child being the beneficiary of the trust.