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If a car is designed to run on Super, and especially in todays world of computer diagnostics constantly running....while a car may run, it likely will not perform as it should, and that loss in performance may cost more than you save.

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Can super unleaded gas be run in cars designed for regular gas?

Yes you can. Super unleaded gas is just lower in lead so it will not leave as much residue in the system thus giving better gas mileage.

What is percentage of hybrid cars to regular unleaded cars driven by Americans?


Is regular unleaded or diesel used most?

In the United States, unleaded regular gasoline is the most frequently used fuel in cars and small trucks.

Four types of fuel for cars?

Unleaded, diesle, premium and super

Can you use super unleaded in your Subaru outback?

subarus are not good cars so i would say no

Can you put supreme unleaded after you put regular unleaded in your car?

Yes In a modern car changing from regular to premium is no problem It may have been costing you power and fuel mileage to run regular, but if your car does not need premium it is a waste of money. On older cars running regular may damage the engine, but we are talking cars built in the 1980s or older.

Can unleaded gasoline be used in an engine made for regular gasoline?

Unleaded gasoline is regular gasoline. Lead used to be added to gasoline to prevent engine knocking but the practice has been banned in most developed countries. 2nd Answer: There are some engines, a lot of them not in cars, that are made to use regular gasoline. They are designed so that the lead in regular old gasoline will build up on certain moving parts, and keep them sealed against engine pressures. Unleaded gas is not good for this type of engine, at all.

How are Saxo cars different from regular American sedans?

The Citroen Saxo cars are a French made super-mini car that were popularized in the 2000s which were designed to be extremely fuel efficient and have long lasting engines

Can you put super unleaded petrol in a vw passat 1.8t B5?

Not only can you you should be using super, these cars have problems with knock when running anything under 91 octane and in general all turbocharged and high compression motors should run super unleaded

Can you use super unleaded gas in a car that says use premium only?

Bad idea. Most cars that are Premium Only are designed to take about 92 octane fuel at the lowest. The car will, in fact, run with super unleaded gas but it will create damage to your engine in the long-run. And if low octane gas is used frequently, it can greatly reduce the life of your car.

Does a 2003 Honda Civic Si require premium fuel?

It takes regular unleaded according to this site It takes regular unleaded according to this site

Can you use regular unleaded gas in a BMW and Mercedes car?

Yes. You may not get the same performance (horsepower) as you would with premium gas, but modern cars can run fine on any grade of unleaded gas.

Why is it called gas 87?

It's actually called 'unleaded gas'. Almost all cars have four cylinder gasoline engines, and some use regular unleaded and others premium unleaded fuel. The number, 87 in this case, is the octane rating of the fuel.

What does ulp stand for in cars?

Unleaded petrol

What does incorrect fuel mean?

all cars today run on unleaded gasoline. however older cars(60's -70's) some ran on leaded or unleaded. even so , some cars today cannot run on regular gas which has a lower octane rating. some need to run on premium gas , which has a higher octane rating.....

What fuel is used in f1 cars?

Unleaded petrol.

What is the different between leaded and unleaded fuel?

leaded fuel contains lead which damages the engine while unleaded fuel contains negligible amount of lead.... on older engines the lead in the gasoline was to lubricate the valve stems in newer cars they have designed that requirement out

Can you use regular gas in a Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor?

These cars are absolutely designed and require Premium. They may run on regular, but not happily. (But, they do get great gas mileage!).

When was Super Cars created?

Super Cars was created in 1990.

When did Super Cars happen?

Super Cars happened in 1990.

Which gives better mileage unleaded gasoline or premium gasoline?

The best gas mileage from unleaded gasoline or premium gasoline depends on the car. Old cars get better mileage from unleaded.

What cars where designed in the 1940s?

good cars

When did unleaded gas cars start being made?

In the USA, 1975.

Is a 79 El Camino leaded or unleaded?

All El Camino's with catalytic convertors were "unleaded" fuel only cars; 1975-1987.

Does the 2000 Mazda 626 use regular gas?

Most cars these days use unleaded gas or diesel. Check your owners manual to make sure what type the Mazda 626 uses.