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Of course! nail polish can cover gel nail polish and can also be removed then polished once more.

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Q: Can regular nail polish go over a gel nail polish?
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Can you put nail polish over a gel manicure?


Can regular nail polish remover take away gel polish?

Should be able too. Most nail polish removers contain acetone and that would remove all sorts or nail polish,

How do you remove gel from nails?

Gel nails and gel nail polish are soaked off in acetone.

IBD sells a gel nail polish but it doesn't appear to be easily removable. I get 2 weeks of wear out of a regular polish manicure. What's the benefit to gel nail polishes?

dont use gel nail polish it is aright pain to remove so best no use it ..but if you like the stuff so much use malt vinger on a makeup sponge with nail polish remover that should do the trick of it doesnt try it with lemon juce ......dont try it if you have exma or sensitive skin

What is Ariana grande's favorite nail polish color?

She uses the nail gel color Pink Smoothie. (:

What is the best gel nail polish to use?

my fave brand is Sally Hansons.

Can you put the gel nail polish without the activator?

because it'll wont get out.

Are there different types of acetone?

regular acetone, acetone with enriched formula (protein for the nail), maximum strength acetone, non-acetone, gel nail polish remover, artificial nail polish remover, acetone for dry brittle nails, powder-acetone free nail polish remover, list goes on and on. You can find them @ your local drug store.

How much does sally hansen nail polish gel kit?

i wonder if it works eally well

Does Sensationail uv led light Kit take any gel nail polish?

yes it does

Where can one purchase Sally Hasen Gel Nail Polish Kit?

There are many places one can purchase a Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish Kit. One can purchase them from any cosmetics stores such as Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart in their cosmetic section.

Do you need to use gell for uv curing or can you just use nail polish?

To get ANYTHING to cure by UV light, it's got to contain UV-reactive chemicals. Gel nail preparation has the UV chemical in it. A nail polish called Shellac is also UV-reactive. Regular nail polish doesn't cure under UV light, it dries and exposing it to UV doesn't do a thing. (Here's a little hint: If you want regular nail polish to dry fast, get a table lamp you can lower to about 6" above the tabletop. Turn the light on and stick your hand under it; the heat will dry the polish faster.)

Is gel nail polish harmful to your nails?

If removed wrong they can make nails brittle and thin. Very unattractive

What are some of the benefits offered by using gel nail polish?

Some of the benefits of using gel nail polish are that it does not chip so therefore can last up to two months depending on the brand being used and the condition of the original nail. Results can be obtained in a salon or some brands can be bought for home use. It cannot be removed with normal nail polish remover, but an acetone based one that can take up to twenty minutes.

Can i buy UV gel in any nail shop?

NO only in Hair stores And regular stores : )

What can you use to take off nail polish?

wat idiot dosent kno that u use nail polish remover.... U USE NAIL POLISHER REMOVER!! go 2 any beauty supply store and u see it...gel nails

Can you use the gel nail polish without the UV lamp?

Yes. The UV lamp makes the process quicker and keeps the nailpolish on longer...but it works with just the polish!

What is a reliable brand of nail gel?

There are many different brands of nail gel that are very effective. The most reliable brands include OPI shine gel, Sally Hensen nail gel and Bio Sculpture Gel.

What are the differences between Acrylic Gel and Silk Wrapped artificial nails?

AnswerAcrylic gel is a clear polish put on a nail tip for a glass-like hard finish. Silk wrap is a silk fabric applied to the natural nail with adhesive. It strengthens the nail without the use of a tip and acrylic which weakens the nautal nail over time.- - - - -Acrylic and gel are two different things.Acrylic comes as a powder. They mix it with a liquid called monomer, then apply it to the nails with a paintbrush. It hardens and then you buff it and clearcoat it to make it shiny.Gel looks a little like clear nail polish when they're putting it on you. It's brushed on then cured under UV light.

What is the chemical composition of gel for nails?

Gel manicures are a premium to traditional manicures. One would get a gel manicure by applying nail polish in the traditional way, then, the polish is exposed to UV light so it can cure and harden. The nails appear glossier than regular manicures, and can resist chips and cracks for up to three weeks. The negative effects are that the UV light can age ones hands after frequent use.

How do you remove gel ink stain from clothes?

I'm usually using nail polish remover or clear alcohol (vodka). Nail polish remover is more efficient but one has to be caferul, because it can remove color as bleach. It is good to check it first.

What are shellac nails?

it's like a combination of gel and nail polish. protects like gel, goes on like nail polish. it's cured under a UV light and can last for up to 2 weeks. it also is taken off with acetone and leaves your nails in the same condition they were before without any filing or damage.

What equipment do you need to apply gel nails?

UV lamp (I reccomend a 36W one), buffer, nail tips (if you want to use them), nail tips glue, UV primer (non acid one), UV gel (you can get it in clear, white or baby pink), one or two small flat brushes, alcohol, top coat nail polish, some soak of nail polish or glitter (optional), that cuticle pusher thingy

Can you put gel nail on broken nail?

Yeah you can for sure

Is there a safe way to remove hair dyr from your gel polish nsils?

Hair dye is the toughest stain to remove, but you can remove it by applying nail polish remover , fresh lemon or toothpaste to clean of the stains .

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